Wednesday, November 17, 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YAY(my baby brother Xavier)!

This is a picture of me squeeeeeezing my baby brother Xavier's jaws last Ive been doing since birth and I'll probably never stop no matter how embarrassing it is. There is much profundity in the idea that you can hold an infant in your arms at one point and then be looking up to them towering over you a couple of bdays later. My Yay as I affectionately call him (& will always call him hahaha) was a huge surprise to our family. Myself and my other 3 siblings & foster sisters looked at my mom like, you are what at 42?????? lol but I dont think any of us would know what to do with ourselves without the humor, spoiling, insight, and pure joy of Xavier. We have a tradition in our family where the kids helped name each other & so I remember having that conversation and now he's 15!!

Well, Yay, I love you and am SO proud of the young man you've grown into. Im so encouraged by your will to be the best person you can be. I love your heart for God and people. I just want you to know- the Dr.s said your birth alone was an obstacle, and you surpassed that. Every other obstacle life has presented you've surpassed that too. So any future ones wont be easy, but you have an overcoming nature from birth! Keep doing your best & your KK will ALWAYS be here to support you squeezing your cheeks b/c you'll always be my Yaber!

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