Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Ok, so I was listening to a few records to decide which to post and thinking.. WHAT WAS I DOING LOVING THIS MAN SO YOUNG?! Thank God for a great upbringing because ummm wow.. Anyway as mentioned I was a HUGE Sisqo fan at this time in his career. I mean I knew all of his routines and everything :/ (Im literally LOL while typing this.)

Today is November 9, which is a huge day to any Sisqo fan because its his birthday! So, I wanna wish Sisqo a great day, and much more success! In honor of his bday I wanted to post a song that maybe a person who didnt buy the albums wouldnt know. I mean he had great singles, but he also had hot albums, so I thought Id enlighten lol. Again Happy Birthday Sisqo! xo

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