Monday, November 1, 2010

Liberty & Justice For Some

"Do we expect a system made for the elect to possibly judge correct, properly serve & protect?"
I'll never forget hearing Lauryn's Unplugged album for the first time and loving it SO much! Even that which I couldnt understand because either it was above my head the first couple of times around, or the rasp of her voice prevented it from being audible. I still loved it. The songs resonated with me because they were passionate. Like, even though at the time I personally hadnt experienced some of the stuff she brought light to, I still felt her. Well, time brings all things change doesnt it?

Im just sitting here thinking, and the more I think, the more I dont understand. So, in an effort to get some stuff off of my chest, Im coming to my trusty blog- which has been my voice when I needed one since its conception a little over a year ago. So, as my BabyKayKs know, sometimes I blog for me.. and this is one of those blogs.

Here's the thing. Some time ago I received notice that my brother was arrested in my hometown of Bloomington IL. Ive grown up there, with all of my siblings for the most part. Its a small, but growing place...good place to live Ive always believed. When I heard he'd been arrested I was so confused. Little did I know, my confusion would only grow in the years to follow.

Initially a case was brought against my brother by a former student who by all standards had some serious issues. She, among drug and alcohol abuse, also suffers from what Im sure are some mental illnesses. Most of the people Ive spoken to about her concur. Frank suggested that officials look at some emails he'd been receiving from her. In the process of that some pictures that had been deleted from his email inbox were found. This caused a couple of charges to be brought against him, and as it stands now, he has been convicted of child porn.

My problem is that the facts in this case just arent adding up to what makes sense to me. No, Im not a lawyer, but I do have some common sense. The case at hand is dealing with two women.. who took pictures at 17 & 20 without my brother present. They admitted to sending them to him via email without his consent. They also admitted in court that they do that from time to time, also admitted to wanting to be in Playboy, and with all of this established, because he opened the email- he was still convicted of child porn.

As if these facts being bs wasnt enough, once the verdict came down, a juror stood up in the court and said that they disagreed with it! So, how is it that he was still convicted?? Im not quite sure. Makes very little sense to anyone who knows the story. Id be just as appalled if this werent my brothers case. I mean that from the bottom of my heart.  Im more than irritated that because of the above evidence or lack there of.. a man's life has been turned upside down and his entire family effected (most importantly his children).

I would have had to respect this conviction if at very least, one of the girls said, he knew what he was getting in the email. How many times do we get an email and open it not knowing the contents. I know Ive done it even when I didnt recognize the sender. I am guilty of that. So, I can say that when I know the email address I have definitely done it. Where is the crime in that? Am I missing something? The girls at the legal age of consent.. EVEN IF IT WERE TRUE.. My brother opening an email from them that they admit he didnt know anything about- and he's still convicted!?

Im writing this because I need to vent, but also to get this out there and bring attention to what happens everyday in this country. People are wrongfully convicted all of the time. I want to have faith in the system and especially in the hometown that I have grown up in, but right now, I dont. I have sat and contemplated this case as well as many before this one...and the system in Bloomington in my opinion is just twisted. Absolutely twisted. Id like to talk to one of the prosecutors and give them the opportunity to tell me something that I havent heard already that will make any of this conviction worthy, because as it stands right is not.


  1. Sis...My bro is going thru the same crap in the same county so i feel ur pain, anger and frustration. This is soooo unfair n wrong but justice will be serve b/c we have the favor of the Lord!

    My brother was just recently convicted last week n our bros tried to encourage each other. When i heard what happened to ur brother, I knew then that mine had no chance especially since his accuser was white. I fasted and prayed and tried to believe that we wld win, but God has His own plan. Even though her testimony was inconsistent, and it was soooo obvious that he was innocent, he was still found guilty. There's an attack on ministers and their children and we shld not be defeated! Im already claiming the victory!

    Lets continue to pray for one another!

  2. Please know that I continue to pray for your family through this situation. Especially the children. Nicole