Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Brandy & Maks Off of Dancing With the Stars- Bristol Still There

This is where giving a country apparently full of idiots at times the opportunity to vote on something really sucks. I mean I appreciate the right to vote, but I get mad when votes dont go my way. Ive been watching DWTS all season (which I never do) simply because my favorite singer Brandy was on it. Remember how excited I was when I blogged that?! Well she lived up to my excitement and some. She practically ran the leader board for weeks on end and delivered flawless performance after performance.

So last night when they said that Bristol Palin (who bored me to pieces when she danced & hasnt scored nearly as well as Brandy) was staying, I cringed. America really? lol Well Im not surprised- she has a whole other demographic voting for her than Brandy did, but Im still let down. I wanted to see Bran go all the way, she definitely had all it takes to win! And no, I dont have anything against Bristol I think she appears to be a sweetie, she just isnt that great of a performer on the show. Period. It was obvious that Brandy was a little let down, but I know she knows that her fans love her regardless and that we are SO proud of what she accomplished on that show! Heres what she had to say last night via twittter:

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