Friday, November 12, 2010

Bobby Tillman's Mom Speaks Out & Youth Advocate Brian Johnson's Thoughts

I do pride myself in having some pretty awesome associates/friends! Men and women alike. I know what the world thinks about "black men" or my generation as a whole, but I know SOOO many of us who are positive and making a difference in this world. BJ (Brian Johnson) is one of those people. Brian went to the community forum for young Bobby Tillman here in GA. Bobby's mother gave a heartfelt and brave plea to all in attendance, especially the youth. She asked them to "consider each other", which was the most simplest, and powerful thing she could have said to them.

Considering her child's life was lost and how many other children have died from bullying this year, its important that the young people around them just dont turn away. We need to build our youth up to feel for each other. As I said in the Bobby Tillman post, maybe you cant do a lot, but something that I try to do regularly and encourage you to do is just engage the youth around you. Speak to them and look them in the eye. If one looks sad ask whats wrong, make them feel like youre present with them. You may think its nothing, but its huge.

Brian is a youth advocate, author, and motivational speaker..amongst other things. I am not one to take the time and take to heart what a lot of people have to say, but I listen to BJ's videos, because I know he's sincere and actually about what he's speaking of. I encourage you all to listen and ask yourselves the same questions BJ is asking. Our youth need us desperately. Thank you again BJ for your continued advocacy for our youth. This site is always available to help promote these causes in any way.

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  1. I feel your pain. My 16year old son was jumped on the way home from school by about 20 high school Seniors. I'm still shaken up from this incident.
    All these boys got was probation, community service, etc. The violence needs to stop! More severe punishment needs to be applied. They need to be held accountable for their actions.
    May God be with the Tillman family, friends and relatives.