Monday, November 8, 2010

BabyKayKs, Please Welcome Selvin to!

Ive been telling you all that Im adding contributors to the site. Well I definitely didnt think the first contributor would be a guy! Honestly I thought itd be a girl and that this process would be a little easier than its proven itself to be. I have had a few people sort of apply to contribute, but they just didnt fit this particular blog and I really hated to tell them so. Its just been a pain trying to keep the theme and add another voice. Anywho, my guy Selvin didnt apply, he just was brought up to me, and I realized that he would actually be really dope.

Selvin is a guy I have had many conversations with. I like his tone and ability to articulate his position. We've had the "who's the greatest rapper of all time" convo.  He is not really the type to back down, so Im sure you'll find yourself having to agree to disagree with him a bit-which is ok-thats what the comment section is He's going to focus more on Hip Hop culture and music, which is something I think we sorta see eye to eye on, so thats good! lol Now, I will still be blogging, and there will be a couple of others to come soon.. but for now BabyKayKs I want you all to welcome Selvin!! He wanted to say whats up:
Whats good people?

(In my Jay-Z Voice) "Allow me to introduce myself"
My name is Selvin, and I've been chosen to be the "Hip-Hop blogger" for I am a 21 year old "Hip-Hop head" who has been brought up, lives for, and will probably die listening to music. Honesty is the best policy, so I'll be upfront with you guys. I am bias in my opinions of music because I'm a "Jersey boy", but I can appreciate music from all regions. I am diverse, but I'm still young, and my age tends to show in my music choices. Although I've been given the genre of Hip-Hop I will dabble in R&B, Reggae, Pop, and Pop Rock etc... pretty much whatever is floating my boat at the time. Okay well thats all for now, I'm hoping all of you are as excited for me to get started as I am.


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