Monday, November 29, 2010

In Case You Missed It: CNN's Wolf Blitzer "Dougies" At Soul Train Awards

This was sooo funny! I mean, its all about his facial expressions and the pointing out to the crowd.. I died!

In Case You Missed It: Highlight of My Night- Anita Baker Tribute

I rarely thoroughly enjoy tributes! There is always someone who screws it up. The Soultrain awards all the way around were really good. R.Kelly's performance was wonderful at the beginning. El DeBarge was all up and through the awards, like every other person was him. Overall it was a great show with performances by Jazmine Sullivan, Tank, Bruno Mars, Badu and appearances by everyone from Wolf Blitzer (who did the Dougie), to Chilli (who looked AMAZING). It was a good look for most. My highlight of the night though was the Anita tribute. Chrissette Michelle, TAMIA!, LALAH!, Dionne Ferris, Goapele, and Kem... it was great!

Man Commits Suicide at At Bears Game

Sunday at Soldier Field, the Bears faced the Eagles. According to witnesses, during the game 23yr. old Stewart Haverty ran to the ledge of the stadium & jumped. Around 5 pm is when witnesses said it happened. He was pronounced dead at Northwestern.

This is the 2nd death at a major sports arena in a week.  A 2 yr old boy died falling from a luxury box at the Staples center a week prior. My prayers are with both families.

MJ to Lebron "Maybe Youre Making Excuses."

I just love this commercial.

Just Another Reason

I have to bring it back to J Cole one more time, it seems as though he is my favorite person to Listen to right now. If you didn't listen to me on my last post hopefully you will listen to me on this one. J Cole "Home for the Holidays" is reason enough to give him a chance. I've been especially feeling this song because I will be going back to Jersey for the Holidays and I feel him 100% on everything he's saying on this song.

RIL:Leslie Nielsen Dies at 84

According to family, actor Leslie Nielsen died today at 84 yrs. old from complications of pneumonia.  My prayers are with his family & fans.

Valentino by Gap

This collection can be found in Europe only for the time being. It consists of 7 pieces all together. Im not blown away by it at all. Its just a lot of ruffles lol. I do dig the skirt & jacket on the left. I kind of dig the idea of military & ruffles. I think its the balance of hard & soft. Im just not sure about these particular styles. What do you guys think?

Saturday, November 27, 2010

President Obama Gets Stitches

Because our President is sooo cool, he was playing ball the other day & got muffed! LOL... who muffs the President and what are the repercussions of that!? Lol.. anyways he got a few stitches in the lip, but he's ok! I love it though, not sure why. I mean I dont want to see him hurt, but I think its kinda cool that he plays ball in his spare time. Baba does walk like a ball playa (inside joke) heeheee

For the Girls Who Rock Sneakers!

Giuseppe Zanotti Black High Top Crystal Embellished Sneakers! Hot right?! Love it.

New Music: Onitsha Ft. Drake- Karaoke

Yesterday I realized that an artist I have lots of love for released a new mixtape! Onitsha is an artist hailing our of Cali I believe, incredible. She'll give you a Brandy feel- I hate to say that sometimes because it sounds like Im saying she's trying to sound like her or Im comparing the, she really naturally has a similar tone! Onitsha is also special because if you've ever seen my niece Madyson's interview video  when I ask her who are her favorite singers she says, Beyonce & Onitsha lol.... she loves her and Im glad she zones out to this kind of music. So when yall are going on about how dope of a singer Mady is at 7.. just know this is what she's grooming herself with lol.

Onitsha is back with a mixtape that I am loving! She's got Drake, Amber (Glee), Eric Dawkins, Teddy Campbell... yea...that says enough right!? On top of that she's covered, Bruno's "The Way You Are" and Bob Marley's "No Woman, No Cry"! Of course her intro is on point. Thats something I was anticipating considering that her album intro was played over and over because it was that hot...she brought it with this intro as well. I just want to send out LOTS of encouragement and love to O! I really do think that she makes music that will reach the masses and I know that she's destined for greater than she can even imagine! I love that she exists! hahaaaa I mean I love her voice & message at the same time.. so it makes me happy lol.. I hope you feel like you know her a little more AND that you'll get the mixtape!!!!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Lil Kim Releases Nicki Minaj Diss Track: Black Friday Today

First picture I ever saw of Nicki was her "homage to Kim" pic & now this. Its like, if youre gonna battle, battle...but these chicks are doing interviews and such talking stuff about each other and for what? They both have fans and  are ok, but what are they defending???????????? Both of them get a #SATDOWNSOMEWHERE Anywho.. if you havent heard it..its below.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Christian Louboutin & Marchesa Laser Cut Booties

Love these!!! Louboutin had these made especially to be shown over at Marchesa this year. As a part of the Spring 2011 line up these baby blue suede, laser cut, metal stiletto heel are breath taking! The lady rocking these appears to be highly uncomfortable but isnt it worth it!? lol!!!

Jennifer Grey Crowned DWTS Champ

Well the results came in yesterday and though I didnt watch it, I knew it would be Jennifer. Well, at least I hoped it would be. Supposedly Kyle came in 2nd and Bristol in 3rd. This season was a lot of fun for me because of Brandy and Kyle. I really enjoyed their energy, growth, and overall performance. Congrats to all of you Jennifer Grey fans, she was GREAT  this season in pain and all!!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

J Cole "Friday Night Lights"

J. Cole is a rather new artist on the hip-hop scene who has gained a large following over the last year or so. Cole largely identifies with more of a younger audience, more so the college crowd because he is a recent college graduate. He is a story teller and people can relate so they tune in to what he has to say. He is such a name for himself that his mix tapes are more highly anticipated than peoples albums. "Friday Night Lights" is hands down one of the best mix tapes I've heard in my life, and I'm sure it will boost him to instant stardom. From track one until track twenty it's pure gold. There aren't many mix tapes I can listen to from start to finish, but this is one of the few exceptions. Based off of this mix tape people are starting to label J Cole as one of the best rapper out and in some cases THE BEST! I say this will be Cole's equivalent to a Jay-Z's Reasonable Doubt, a Nas's Illmatic, and a Biggie's Ready to die. Go open your ears and give the young man J Cole a listen. "Friday Night Lights"

Monday, November 22, 2010

And the Most Interesting Outfit of the AMAs Goes to.....

I dont get it... she called it "the epitome of Pink Friday (her highly anticipated album) Does that mean I wont get that either?..just asking? I feel like there is something about the dress that I like and something about it that I hate. I think I'll feel the same way about the album. Lets hope not. Either way.. I s/o Nicki because she's the only mainstream female rapper holding us down right now. She may not be my taste or yours.. but she may make it easier for someone who is..

WOW! JHud is so small!

The other night JHud and a couple of other celebs came together at the Metropalitan Pavilion in NY to support the Happy Hearts Fund. While I understand why people want to lose weight and why thats important.. I want JHud to stop now! I think she's starting to get the "Im look sick b/c Im meant to have a little meat on my bones and Im trying not to look." I mean dont get me wrong, if you are unhealthy, lose weight, but please understand that God didnt make all of us to be the same size. Look at nature around you.. does it look like He's boring like that?!?

Christina & Baby Violet Out & About

Dont you just love little Violet?! She's sooooo cute! Looking like  her daddy (The Dream)!  She and mommy Christina Milian were out two days ago in LA at the "Just Dance 2"  event in the AMA Gifting Lounge. Thats also Mama Milian in the back behind Christina!

2010 American Music Awards Red Carpet

Just in case you missed the red carpet for last nights ok AMAs... here are a few of the cool people who walked it.





Friday, November 19, 2010

Music: Robyn- Hang With Me

Here is me trying to introduce my BabyKayKs to someone I KNOW a lot of you know nothing about. I was introduced to Robyn via my MTV TJ family during our competition. I love her voice. She's definitely unique and her own artist. Her music is just great everyday feel good music. Hope you guys enjoy this one- love the lyrics to this.

This is a Jacket of LIFE- Balmains 12 Button Tapestry joint

LAWD HAMMERSAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok.. whew.. now that I can breathe, BabyKayKs do yall see this jacket? No.. really.. the buttons, the pattern detail, the cut,  the fringes.. its all EVERYTHING. It will also cost you everything too. Its running at about 9050.00 euro soooo......... if Im correct thats about 12Gs in USD, but hey.. a girl can dream right? Love this!

T.I.'s Message From Jail

TIP, as we know already is serving another 11 month bid for his parole violation stemming from an earlier conviction. Just a few months ago he & wife Tiny were jailed for drug possession in LA & so on..  you know the rest. Well, TI sent a message to his fans this week, that is very emotional. Its written in a very strong tone, with some very strong language, so this is a post for adults to read. Anywho, see what TI had to say about being over jail and why he needs to get it together.
"This experience is truly a pain I have never felt before and that's saying a lot for a nigga who's been down locked up as many times as I have. I see this as a real ass whoopin'. The kind you don't just go back outside to play afterwards. You take ya ass to bed and don't come out of your room until it's time to go to school.

I don' t know what effect this will have on my life moving forward but I'm certainly sick and mother f*cking tired of going to jail, juve, prison, the pen, correctional facilities or whatever else you want to call it. I'd have been better off doing a 5-10 year bid one time than going in time and time again for days, weeks and months for the last 15 years of my life.

Even though it's been a long road, I'm still standing, barely but nevertheless still standing. At one time I thought my motivation for continuing was for my fans, my partna Philant, my pops, my grandmama, even for the haters or the people I let down. But nah... I got to do this shit for me!!! I'll be God damned if I've come all this way and made it through so much hell to let it go down like this! F*ck that! If an hour in the dark is worth a second in the sun then pass me my mother f*ckin' shades cause I'm ready to cash my darkest hours in...ASAP!!!

A lot of folks had fathers or father figures in the house to raise them into manhood. I'm not trying to make any excuses for my situation but my father was a hustler that lived in New York. My uncle was a local big time dope boy turned 10 year federal inmate.

My mother and grandparents did the best they could but I found my manhood in the trap and in prison systems. But I found it. And nan one of mine will ever have to feel the cold tight grip of a handcuff or grace the presence of a jail cell if I can help it.
Over my dead body!

So if you can't respect that you ain't rocking with my movement then Fuck you dog! I know a bunch of mother f*ckers who are.....
- Love KING"

Well, he sounds a bit angry in that last line for sure. People dont have to respect your explanations BabyKayKs. If you want people to see you in a certain way.. live that way.. period. I love TI as an artist and I think from what I've seen he's a pretty good dude, but he still has a hard time obeying the law. That is evident. I dont feel either way about this letter, but I do think its kinda over the top to say, if you cant respect my view on why I keep messing up then F you!? Again, with much respect to the guy, if he wants people to view him in some way then thats the way he has to live. Dont give people a rope and a chair to hang you  then get mad at them.

DMX Arrested Again

Part of me doesnt really know the point in blogging this because its not really interesting.. like, its something Ive come to  expect. Anywho, I know he does have some fans out there so yes, yesterday he was locked up for probation violation.. his hearing is next week. I really do worry about dude, I hope he gets it together some day.

Check Phelin Out!!

So, yall know I looooves my nieces and nephews..and I randomly have to post stuff like this for me :) He was getting it!!!!!

Carey Hart & Pink Expecting First Baby!!!

Pink tweeted this the other day post taping the Ellen show,
ok tweethearts: here's my own personal official whatever...... Carey Hart knocked me up and i don't know how to tell my dad. what do i say?..............My wish for this pregnancy, besides a healthy happy baby, is for the paparazzi to LEAVE US ALONE and let me gain my weight in PEACE. #mywish
LOL! Im sure that can be frustrating! I think her sense of humor is great. Just wanted to say congrats to them, I love Pink (as an artist) so Im very happy for them!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Music: Jojo & Travis Garland- When Does it Go Away

Another fave off of Jojo's latest mixtape that Ive blogged a billion times. lol..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YAY(my baby brother Xavier)!

This is a picture of me squeeeeeezing my baby brother Xavier's jaws last Ive been doing since birth and I'll probably never stop no matter how embarrassing it is. There is much profundity in the idea that you can hold an infant in your arms at one point and then be looking up to them towering over you a couple of bdays later. My Yay as I affectionately call him (& will always call him hahaha) was a huge surprise to our family. Myself and my other 3 siblings & foster sisters looked at my mom like, you are what at 42?????? lol but I dont think any of us would know what to do with ourselves without the humor, spoiling, insight, and pure joy of Xavier. We have a tradition in our family where the kids helped name each other & so I remember having that conversation and now he's 15!!

Well, Yay, I love you and am SO proud of the young man you've grown into. Im so encouraged by your will to be the best person you can be. I love your heart for God and people. I just want you to know- the Dr.s said your birth alone was an obstacle, and you surpassed that. Every other obstacle life has presented you've surpassed that too. So any future ones wont be easy, but you have an overcoming nature from birth! Keep doing your best & your KK will ALWAYS be here to support you squeezing your cheeks b/c you'll always be my Yaber!

Brandy & Maks Off of Dancing With the Stars- Bristol Still There

This is where giving a country apparently full of idiots at times the opportunity to vote on something really sucks. I mean I appreciate the right to vote, but I get mad when votes dont go my way. Ive been watching DWTS all season (which I never do) simply because my favorite singer Brandy was on it. Remember how excited I was when I blogged that?! Well she lived up to my excitement and some. She practically ran the leader board for weeks on end and delivered flawless performance after performance.

So last night when they said that Bristol Palin (who bored me to pieces when she danced & hasnt scored nearly as well as Brandy) was staying, I cringed. America really? lol Well Im not surprised- she has a whole other demographic voting for her than Brandy did, but Im still let down. I wanted to see Bran go all the way, she definitely had all it takes to win! And no, I dont have anything against Bristol I think she appears to be a sweetie, she just isnt that great of a performer on the show. Period. It was obvious that Brandy was a little let down, but I know she knows that her fans love her regardless and that we are SO proud of what she accomplished on that show! Heres what she had to say last night via twittter:

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

In Case You Missed It: Jay Z & Dr. Cornel West Live!!

This was eye & ear opening!!! I mean I am a Jay Z fan.. but people who arent fans should still watch this interview! First off Dr. West is a genius!!!!!!! Ive loved him for years. I love his take on life and his ability to articulate it. I love what this represented to me. One of the most respected Black intellectuals ever and another Princeton grad Paul Holdengraber sitting down with a guy who started off as just a hustling rapper to talk about him and his art. Mr. Holdengraber isnt into rap and isnt familiar with it, but says that he's been enlightened by Jay Z who is a poet to him. I loved this dialogue. Watch below if you missed it! Jay is so funny as well. Jay's book Decoded hits shelves today!

Mystree Biker Seater Jacket

I so love this jacket from TAGS here in ATL. Its sweater material & I love the detailing and seams as well. TAGS is also rather affordable, so this should make up for my last KayKi's Closet post :/ but I have to give you all what I think is hot. Definitely check TAGS out. Yes this is the store owned by Kandi Burrus. Go check it out!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Whats A Rap Genius

What's good people,
Today's topic of discussion is rap geniuses. Me and a couple of my friends were talking about how people now-a-days are to quick to label someone a genius. There is a difference between being an innovator, and a genius. If someone makes a hot/classic album or introduces a different style of rap (i.e. hashtag tap, punchline flow, snap music, gangster rap, metaphorical rap etc...) that doesn't automatically put them in the category of genius. When I think of rap geniuses I think of: Jay-Z, Tupac, Big, Rakim, MC Lyte, Nas, Queen Latifah, Bustah Rhymes, KRS one and that's about it. There may be just a few other artists that could be squeezed in but fot the most part thats's it.

When I label someone a rap genius there are certain qualities that I look for.
* The artist has to have their own identity. There are WAY to many "biters" in the industry and establishing yourself as an individual is very important.
* The artist has to be lyrically gifted, putting words together in a seemingly biblical fashion.
* The artist has to appeal to more than one audience, having versatility and diversity in your music is an underrated quality in the rap game.
* The artist has to have brought something new to the rap game.
I know those qualities might describe more artist than the ones I listed, but the final quality is the most important and it separates the boys from the men.
* A rap genius has to be consistent and have longevity in their career. That's basically what a rap genius is to me.

This is just my humble opinion. I've been told on many occasions that I have a habit of speaking my opinions like they are facts, I just have confidence in my point of views. Haha! My opinions are susceptible to change, as long as your opinion makes sense to me. I would love to hear what/who you label as a rap genius, so LET ME KNOW!!!A wise man once said it, so i'm saying it "This is food for thought, you do the dishes"

Music: Covenant Church (Nicole & David Binion)- Heaven On Earth

Most of my BabyKayKs know by now that I have a huge taste in music. Very very diverse. I love everything.. but my absolute favorite genre is what they call contemporary christian music. Its just worship music to me! Enjoy this one introduced to me yesterday by my roomie/Spelsis Dee. I havent been able to stop listening to it since I thought Id share something so good with my BabyKayKs. I LOVE Nicole's voice! I try to tell people God didnt just give black people soul.. this woman is a singer! & effortlessly!! Love it!

Happy Birthday to the Original BabyKayK- Jonnice!

I started this blog a little over a year ago, with very little intention on it becoming what it is today, but hey..Im happy with it. When I first started and mentioned it to twitter..the first person that I was aware of who visited it was my lil play niece/sis (dont ask) Jonnice. You may see me referencing her as the original BabyKayK on twitter, well thats why lol. From that moment to this very day you can visit her twitter page and see almost every post I tweet she is one of a few people who RTs & get out there.

I mean, every single day I can count on her supporting my blog & that is such an encouragement to me. Jonnice is a sweet heart period. She's very dear not just to me, but to my family as a whole. So, for being the original BabyKayK, and just being Jonnice, I wanted to give her a world wide web HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABYKAYK! I love you and again thank you sooooo much for your support of this blog! May this year be the best of your life so far! P.S. .. I.LOVE.YOUR.HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jessica Simpson & Nick Lachey Engaged

Well a few days after ex hubby Nick Lachey's engagement to longtime girlfriend, Vanessa Minillo..reps for Jessica announce that she too is engaged to NFL boyfriend Eric Johnson. Im happy for both of them, even though they were one of those couples I was hoping would stay together. They were so cute remember? Anyway, blessings to them & their new beginnings.

New Video: Keri Hilson- Pretty Girl Rock

At first title, you think this is another rinky dinky club song lol.. but its actually about self love and a cute record. Keri pays homage to some of the greats in this one: Josephine Baker, Lena Horne, the Supremes, Janet, & TLC.. so cool of her to do this and great song as well! I think she did a great job mimicking them too! What do you guys think? Be sure to comment below!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Bobby Tillman's Mom Speaks Out & Youth Advocate Brian Johnson's Thoughts

I do pride myself in having some pretty awesome associates/friends! Men and women alike. I know what the world thinks about "black men" or my generation as a whole, but I know SOOO many of us who are positive and making a difference in this world. BJ (Brian Johnson) is one of those people. Brian went to the community forum for young Bobby Tillman here in GA. Bobby's mother gave a heartfelt and brave plea to all in attendance, especially the youth. She asked them to "consider each other", which was the most simplest, and powerful thing she could have said to them.

Considering her child's life was lost and how many other children have died from bullying this year, its important that the young people around them just dont turn away. We need to build our youth up to feel for each other. As I said in the Bobby Tillman post, maybe you cant do a lot, but something that I try to do regularly and encourage you to do is just engage the youth around you. Speak to them and look them in the eye. If one looks sad ask whats wrong, make them feel like youre present with them. You may think its nothing, but its huge.

Brian is a youth advocate, author, and motivational speaker..amongst other things. I am not one to take the time and take to heart what a lot of people have to say, but I listen to BJ's videos, because I know he's sincere and actually about what he's speaking of. I encourage you all to listen and ask yourselves the same questions BJ is asking. Our youth need us desperately. Thank you again BJ for your continued advocacy for our youth. This site is always available to help promote these causes in any way.

Usher Lets Fans Behind the Scenes OMG Tour

So, Usher kicked off his anticipated OMG Tour a couple of days ago. For the past eehh month or so he's been on twitter really going ham about it lol..Well he let the cameras behind the scenes to record a few videos chronicling what it takes to make such a tour happen. Ive never seen Usher live so Im going to the show here in Atlanta on the 5th of December. He's been doing A LOT of bragging so this better be a show for the books! Check out one of the behind the scenes videos below

Calling all (ahem rich) Bag Ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Balmain got it right with this one. The new, Glitter Top Handle bag from them is really hot. I would think so for a whopping 6Gs... yes.. $6,000. Bless our little hearts lol This bag is #HAWT

& if you happen to have another 20Gs to spend.. Im sure youd love this Leopard Jacket w/Herringbone Pattern.. ugh, I it that is LOL