Thursday, October 28, 2010

Really Usher..Really?

Sheesh..I wasnt going to blog this.. mainly because I think Ive blogged enough about Usher and Chilli to last this blog another year or two! LOL! Everyone knows I wuv them together, not news. With that said, I made a decision not to blog anything about them for a bit...but my BabyKayKs flooded my inbox & twitter like HEY!!!!! We know you saw this! lol.. So, I accept that Ive blogged about them soo much and am now expected to. For the love of my BabyKayks :) When I received the tip that Usher made some comments about Chilli in his latest interview- I was a little shocked. I mean, he doesnt speak on her  often so I thought-why now?? I was also eager to know what he'd said, so I followed the link sent to me, and this is what I read:

"I wasn't happy. And I left the relationship as a result of it. There's no honour, I guess, in cheating. But there is honour in honesty, I guess..."If I know I can't be faithful or I'm not happy, then we shouldn't be together. I wanted more. I wanted to be married to that woman. I wanted to marry her. I asked her to marry me! She said no. Who the f**k is gon'...? Come on, man. You gon' stay faithful... (after she said no)?!" UsherBaby..are you kidding? You require a huge dose of humility. Just because a woman doesnt think their relationship is ready for marriage, doesnt mean they dont love you OR that you should go screw someone else. I was blown by this. I was actually blown by the entire interview. Even the way he spoke of his career.. settle down sir. LOL He came off rather cocky and therefore insecure. I was informed by someone that Usher would never be back with Chilli because he's soooo over her. Well, this statement in this interview SCREAMS feelings that arent dealt with. Just swallow your pride and ask her again sheesh..why the fuss? ;) I also chose not to use the Vibe cover for this post because I laughed so hard at, Usher, where are you going?!?


  1. I dont know if she loved him she should have said yes.

  2. wat? no im with kayki on this. usher love chilli if he didnt he wouldnt be so passionate in this answer. plus her saying no does not excuse him to cheat on her. how is he thinkgng?

  3. usher is a mess point blank. He sounds like a he's still scorn from her she left him where the hell he gets the idea of him leaving her idk. The thing that kills me is women have to wait for men to ask for there hand in marriage(it might take men years or they might never ask) so why is it so hard for men to wait for a women to respond(if she's not ready). I feel if you was so deep in love with her. cheating damn sho wasn't gonna make her think ok i need to marry your ass..smdh. Just from his actions he has no damn patience and that's one of the keys to a successful marriage..I'm glad Chilli said no, because with his impatient ass. she would have a divorce under her belt by now & 2 kidz(the only blessing) honestly think Chilli's the one who's been soooooooo over him. With that being said Usher gets the BIATCHHHHH PLEASE!! Award...lmao