Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Rapper TI Talks Suicidal Man Off Of Ledge

Click to hear audio of Tip, Ryan Cameron, and Police convo following the ordeal!

Well..did I MISS something?? Rapper TI talked a man off of the top of a building today! WoW. TIP just heard it on the radio and came down to see if he could assist in any way. They devised a plan to get a video of TI up to the young man, and it worked. The guy came down and decided not to end his life. Now I wanna know how much publicity is this going to get. Major kudos to Tip.. now that was MAJOR :)

There is sooo much negative said about our rappers, but I wonder how many lawyers, doctors, preachers, teachers were in downtown and just drove on by..didnt even whisper up a prayer.. Blessings to TIP. Huge of you..HUGE!

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