Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Photographer Robert Ector Still Believes He's What Chilli Wants

Back in May, I blogged that photographer (to lots of your favorite celebs and my ex twitter crush-ehh I'll have to explain later) Robert Ector, tweeted about his photoshoot with Chilli. He'd been shooting her and felt as though he is what she really wants. Well even though Chilli is currently shooting Season 2..it looks like Rob is still trying to prove to Chilli that he is it! LOL..

He tweeted this picture Sunday following a photoshoot he had with her. He tweeted that he had to do 50 "Chilli curls" to prove he was "fit enough" for her haha.. cute. Do I think Rob will get a shot on this season..nah..Im thinking this is just one of those lets flirt type of things, but thats just my guess. We'll have to wait and see. Not sure when it aires, but Id assume top of the year if their shooting now..I'll let you know.

By the way..make sure you all check out Taylor Ector studios! Rob is one part of the puzzle. They offer more than dope pictures. His sister Leah holds down the  styling, and I believe a chic named Latasha Wright is the make up artist. Whoever else they are working with, they are producing some incredible work over there. Their work def speaks for itself! Blazers!

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