Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Music: Common!, JHud, Lupe, NO I.D. !!!!!!!ChiCity!!!!!!!!!!- We Can Do it Now

Some of the world's greatest all hailing out of my second home town of Chicago all came together for this collaboration. Inspired by the 3rd season of Replay, this track is Chicago all day! I mean, its produced by No I.D. that seals it right there! Then of course on the track you have Lupe who is well respected, the incomparable Common Sense, and if that wasnt enough, Jennifer Hudson! All of these people I can say are not just great at what they do, but I feel ok identifying them as ambassadors of a city so dear to me. Check out the below video explaining the collaboration & hear the record too! You can download it for free for a limited time here !!

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