Monday, October 11, 2010

Mychael Knight's FW 2010 Carte Blanche = My LIFE!

I was thinking the other day,  I would really love to feature some ATL designers and such on this blog, just because I know there are some out there who put in WERK! So I was watching Project Runway reruns and had the thought to check in on Mychael Knight and see what he is up to... HUN- EE... I LIVE! These collections are so chic! The coat, the all white (and black), the simplicity, the shapes! Im just in love! Please see the pics (sorry they are small I couldnt get them bigger without distorting them ) and visit the site to see the full collections! Thank you Mychael and I may need to holler at him to get these design ideas out of my head! No but for real.. dont let me get a hold of a designer.. --->problem!

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