Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Carter Are Preggers (Again)?


Numerous internet sources are claiming that Beyonce is expecting with her & hubby Jay Z's first child. Im optimistic..I think everybody really wants them to have a baby. Thing is, this is only the 12434th time since the two got together that the media is going crazy over a pregnancy rumor only to find out that it wasnt true.

I usually dont post "rumors" I try to wait until I know they are actually true, but this isnt a bad one, so I figured what the heck :) I hope they are pregnant with the child that I think will be one of the most celebrated celeb babies ever. Hmm now that I think of it, we (blacks) havent had a baby to be born that everybody is obsessed over sorta like Suri Cruise.. dont you guys think their baby has the potential to be that popular in the media?

I love these two as you know.. I would like to tell Beyonce that I'll welcome her child into our family with open arms as Jay has been my Babyfather for years! (inside joke) hahaaaa :) If this is true... Congrats!!!!!!!

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