Friday, October 1, 2010

Mario Arrested for Allegedly Assulting His Mother

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Well, its no secret that Baltimore native and R&B singer Mario or amario as I like to call him has a very interesting relationship with his mother. In a show a few years ago it came out that his mother was a heroin addict and Mario seemed to be a supportive, and encouraging son. It was heartbreaking to watch them go through the drug addiction, but I believe most people were hopeful. I remember his mom made a few appearances on talk shows with Mario when he went to sing his song about dealing with his mother's addiction, "Do Right". At the time of her appearances Mario & his mother boasted in her sobriety and I along with many others Im sure, felt a sense of relief.

With all of that considered, today TMZ is reporting that Mario was arrested in Baltimore for assaulting his mother. According to TMZ his mother said he'd attacked her earlier in the week as well, and destroyed a lot of things around their apartment in an angry rage. His bond was set at $50,000 which he posted and is now released. I hate family drama, and I hope this is sorted out. For those of you who dont know the song.. here it is..I had to listen to it because this story is sad & I love this record :/


  1. Wow, all I can do is hope that everything works out for them.

  2. Ok this just broke my heart. I absolutely love Mario. Hope they get it together.