Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First Page of Jay Z's New Book Found At the Bottom of a Pool

The first page of Jay Z's long awaited book was seen at the bottom of this pool at the Delano in S. Beach!

Jay Z has partnered with Bing the search engine to have a little fun with his upcoming book- yes Jay Z is about to add New York Best Seller to his list of accomplishments! The book, Decoded is a combination of Jay explaining lots of his insane lyrics as well as a personal memoir.  Jay collaborated with highly respected author/director dream hampton on the book. The partnership with Bing will allow for all 300 or so pages of Jay's book to be blown up and placed in secret locations around the country and in Jay's homestate of NY. This is a game... allowing Jay Z fans to locate the pages via clues from Bing. The winner will gain exclusive insight into Jay's life as well as a grand prize of 2 tickets to a highly anticipated concert featuring Jay & Coldplay! For more info and to play along please visit 

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