Friday, October 15, 2010

Dear Tionna Smalls..Twitter Beef is Not My Thing


You know what Ive learned over the span of 24 short years? That I dont know much. When I meet someone (especially someone older) who acts off of the inference that they know more than they really do, it makes my skin crawl. Yesterday I received an email and to my surprise it pointed out something that I hadnt even realized. The email wanted to know if I knew that Tionna Smalls was filming "What Chilli Wants" again this season after all of the negative things she'd said about Chilli after the last season ended. Now, I knew about the negative things, I saw Tionna on Kandi's show not the night it aired but it to was brought to my attention by one of you and I watched it. I didnt quite follow her problem with Chilli but thats neither here nor there. What I didnt know was that she was shooting the second season. I knew Chilli was, but I didnt connect the dots.

So after reading the email I logged on to twitter..and since my phone hadnt been updated on twitter in a minute, one of the first tweets on my timeline was one from Christal of Enchanted PR who represents Chilli. So without a thought I tweeted her these exact words..:

Now, I have mad love for Chilli & Enchanted PR, theyve been kind to me and this blog, I tweeted HER because I was interested in her and her clients take on the situation. I didnt @ Tionna because of the opposite reasons. Either way, nothing about that was demeaning. I actually tweeted it and forgot all about it until I got a surprise reply.
This was followed by a whole bunch of garbage- but let me make sense of it for you all.

1. By calling me nosy, what she means is, I have a blog and make inquiries to those Im interested in blogging about.

2.  By saying that she gets her money and I should get mine, what she means is, well Im not sure- I do get mine.. :/
3. By saying that Im the same one sweating her last year.. (now this is where I was totally confused & this may take a little while to explain.. lol)..

 As most of you know I was selected by MTV earlier this year to compete in a series of challenges to become their first ever TJ (Gabi won!) During those challenges we were given one in particular that called for us to come up with a cause and campaign for it basically. Because Ive always been about self love and such, I came up with the #GottaLuvMe hashtag...remember?!? in my effort to make my final presentation a big one I was brainstorming as to who I could tweet on twitter and get their support.

One day while on twitter I thought of Tionna. She came off to me as someone very secure and confident in her body even though mainstream society has applied a stigma to being a big woman. So I tweeted her and I believe she forwarded me to her assistant (not quite sure how all of that went down-but something like that..) So after explaining to her assistant  (who was a doll btw)what I needed and my 3 day time limit, she said Tionna had agreed to at least tweet something. Well her assistant kept hitting me up promising that Tionna was going to get on it and I waited up until 11:58 pm when I HAD to post my completed entry for whatever Tionna said she was going to do..and...nothing. Now, I got an email apologizing from her assistant, who said she'd done all she could and I believed her. I had no hard feelings, I just wished she had said what she couldnt do earlier so I couldve asked someone else, but that was my fault not hers, so..I was cool.

So by sweating her- she means that I saw a positive in her and reached out to her in an effort to encourage that same positive in other people. And her busy schedule and the pressure of a deadline left me no choice but to continue and find out her status on what she said she was going to do via her assistant. Now that must be a new kind of sweating because again..Im confused.

I think its all hilarity. Mostly because..she is who she is.. no shade, but its called humility. Its one thing to know youve come a long way, but she has a habit of talking as if she knows sooo much, and in this case..she was defensive for no reason. She said I thought just because I didnt @ her that she wouldnt see my tweet and I didnt know how twitter works. Ma'am... smh I didnt @ her because I was not at all interested in her angle.. I @ed who I was trying to hear from. Also.. I was selected by MTV.. 1 of 18 people out of the whole twitterverse & blogworld to compete to be their official twitter handler... TRUST I know twitter. That alone was like huh?!? Im not going to post all of her tweets, because she got a little excited as she does anytime somebody is talking about her and money or whatever.

Im writing this blog to say that I am 1 person she doesnt have to worry about caring how much money she's making or if she is making any. I work for YOU..I ask questions for YOU.. anyone who knows me personally knows its TONS of stuff on here that I could care less about, but I know that my readers want to know, or enjoy coming here so I keep it up. Sometimes, its best to swallow ALL of your pride. Stop thinking everyone is out to get you or hate on you.. especially when you dont know them from the man on the moon. I mean did she totally overlook the part about her possibly just growing and maturing to talk about the part about money? She doesnt know what I have going on, or how much money Im making, or obviously, how fluent I am with twitter. haha..

The moral is, this was totally blown out of porportion, like really lady.. count to 5..its not that serious. Thanks to everyone who was tweeting me irritated by it, no need to defend me..I know I didnt do anything wrong. As I said, it was sooo nothing that I almost didnt reply. Since Ive already gotten a few, "girl what happened?" tweets, texts, I thought Id enlighten the late comers. So thats worries, back to life. Overall just be careful what conclusions you jump to and who you try to clown on your way to wherever youre going. They may be closer than you  know to that same place, just taking another route, and you may need a lift.

oh & nobody uses #POWWWWWWW like I do! #KAPOWAH! hahaaa TNT BabyKayks


  1. I love it!!! You are the definition of CLASS!!

  2. Thank you kayki!!!! I didnt mean to get you into any mess, I was just wondering. Thanks for asking the questions for us and getting the answers. Whats funny is you didnt even say what I said in the email which was I think tionna is full of shit and said all of that stuff about chilli, but I bet she's on the set again this season. You were very respectful in your approach as you always are. Sorry again for causing the drama.

  3. Does she really think she's that important? Im a TLC fan and I saw her on Kandi's show and what she had to say about Chilli was not cool. She needs to get over herself. I unfollowed her because she's always on drama. I saw this as it was happening on twitter and I think a better response from her wouldve simply been, yes Ive grown up a little. This is proof she hasnt. We love you KayKi, aint nobody on twitter beef.