Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Christina Milian Gracefully Rebuttals Sandra Rose's Preggo Rumor

I dont know about you all, but every time I see Baby Violet she is more and more Adorable! She's just so cute! Anywho, yesterday, some pictures of her and her mommy Christina Milian were posted online and while most of us took away that Baby V is beautiful and they look great... someone decided to start a rumor that Christina is pregnant. As soon as I saw Christina's tweets I was not surprised. Sandra Rose can take anything and make it negative or a rumor. I actually think that she's one of the bloggers that get paid just to start something. She has such a faithful following, and Im not hating I just dont get it. Ive come to learn that some things are not meant to make sense and so I dont try to understand nonsense anymore, but its still irritating.

What I find annoying is that this happens so much to celebs and fooorr what? I think any woman knows that the type of dress Christina has on in these pix makes any woman's figure disappear & when have you not seen Christina with a glow when she's photod playing with her baby? I think its hilarious how even after Christina tells Sandra that its not true, she goes into how she has credible sources and celebs sit on her blog. Well, I think that a credible source is easy to find when your in the business of exploiting, or trying to exploit people. This isnt the first time Ive read mean things about Christina on Sandra's blog. I remember her saying that Christina was sleeping with one of Dream's friends, and then dating her bff. I absolutely do not frequent her site, but I know people who do and those people will say inform me of what she is saying, just as they email me with Bossip of Freddyo stories. I think they mean well, but I dont read her blog for this very reason..its just too negative for me most of the time.

Now I dont want to come off like I hate the woman or anything, I dont know her, and wouldnt try to get to know her given the opportunity. I disagree with her angles but I appreciate her site for what it is. Many of you dont know this, but I credit Sandra Rose with 90% of my reasoning for starting this blog. I visited her site one day because she had some chat with Tiny & Toya and while there I looked around a bit and I was just blown away by how demeaning and gossipy her tone is, and to think people ACTUALLY love this site?!? So I started going back every once in a while to see if maybe Id just seen 1 days worth of posts and well, the tone was the same every time..negative. With the exception of a couple of posts (I guess about people she likes, who pay her or something) its just negativity. So, I decided to create a blog that would be the opposite for the few people in the world who would care to read positive stuff. So, yea..she was a major influence on my choice to blog.

With that said, I think it was huge of Christina to handle Sandra's rumor the way she did on twitter. Im sure she couldve gone in on her, but her word choice and approach were both mature and graceful. It really burned me that after she shuts the preggo rumor down, Sandra went in for the, "Well while I have your attention, how is Terius(Dream)?" question.. and Im like LADY?! lol.. she's absolutely a trip. I guess she gets off by being messy.. thats just not me. Makes my skin crawl. In the end I guess she has her way of doing things and I have mine..its obviously worked out for her..lol. So, I said all of that to say, a.) Christina Milian is denying that pregnancy rumor, b.) Dont believe half of what you read in the media (Id like to post only things that I know are TRUE but even I can be off sometimes), and c.) do what you can to counteract the negativity in this world in a productive and respectful way..lol TNT BabyKayks

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