Thursday, October 28, 2010

Billy Ray Cyrus Files For Divorce After 17 yrs

Tish Cyrus w/ 2 youngest kids yesterday after her husband of 17 yrs,  Billy Ray filed for divorce.

Billy Ray Cyrus is better known to my age group and those before me probably as the Achy Breaky Heart singer! I mean, I really do love that record and have since I was a child. To the kids of today, he's bka Miley Cyrus' dad. His daughter is Hannah Montana...yes...the empire  herself. Well, yesterday Billy who has been married to Miley's mom Tish for 17 yrs, filed for divorce. Every time I hear of another divorce I cringe-it may be the new annoying. Im sad- like I said on twitter and facebook yesterday, if after 17 yrs of marriage Im considering divorce..I pray I can find SOMETHING in that 17 yrs. to hold on to and make me reconsider. I know somethings arent reparable, but I think a lot of whats going on today is just the "give up". I wish them the best.

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