Wednesday, October 13, 2010

All 33 Chilean Men & Rescuers ALL Safely Above Ground!!

Back in August when I found out that 33 men were stuck half a mile under the Earth, I was spooked. I was even more spooked to find out that initial rescue efforts didnt seem feasible until December. I couldnt fathom these men under ground with very little food and water, in complete darkness, poor air quality, and extreme heat and not knowing if and when they'd be free and back to their families.

While the rest of the world (including myself) seemed to worry, these men seemed to keep such high spirits. They prayed and sang, they made the best of such a seemingly sorry situation. The fact that these men kept such high spirits was such an inspiration to all of us, even knowing that it would be a while before they were able to be free. Amazingly the rescue efforts were sped up a bit when an American company offered to help while it was on site near the miners. This has become a world wide effort with other countries, like Afghanistan even, helping to rescue these miners!

Its been an absolute great feeling to watch these men come up from the Earth and hug their families. This was amazing. I can say I cried like a baby! All of the men are ok, one has pneumonia, and a couple have some skin abrasions, but overall they are fine. I loved how they came out and thanked God, one brought up souvenirs (rocks), and others cheered the crowd on. This was just wonderful..God was with them, I think one of the miners said it best:

There are 33 miners, but there are 34 of us down here..God has never left us.
Thank You God!

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