Friday, October 1, 2010

Alicia Keys Hosts Her Star Studded "Keep A Child Alive" Charity Ball

Swizz & Alicia
Alicia Keys who looks like she's aalllmost ready :) came out dazzling last night to host her annual "Keep A Child Alive" charity ball for HIV/AIDS funding in Africa & India. This event looks like it was incredible. Last night everyone was tweeting and posting pictures. It just looked like a huge event! Hopefully lots of money & awareness was raised about the epidemic and with AKeys spear heading, Im sure that got accomplished. The likes of AKeys & Swizz, Jay & Bey, WHITNEY!, Usher, SADE!, Janelle Monae, Jennifer Hudson, and many other celebs attended. They all look AMAZING! Bey.. is that a lil pudge we see????? LOL.. we all want them to have a baby so bad, lol.. anywho here are some pics.
CLEAN Mr. & Mrs. Carter..clean. I am not making this up am I? She has a lil belly action! lol

WHITNEY!                       SADE!
Beautiful                              Usher Raymond is SUCH a womanizer....boy get it together before somebody 
                                           else gets what you really want! haha..ok.

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