Friday, October 29, 2010


One year ago today, I published my first blog post on this site..exciting right?!? We've accomplished a lot in a year havent we!?  Thank you for being a part of this with me! I look forward to this next year with my BabyKayks! Stay tuned for my Vlog today!

In the meantime, I have decided to dedicate prt 1 of my Blogiversary post to something beyond, something that I feel is one of (if not the biggest) issues facing our world today. I know its a weird way to celebrate, but Im very passionate about it and Im sure some people will read this blog for the first time today and many watch this video for the first time. I'll post my vlog later today with all of the thank yous and such, but right now, Id like to bring your awareness to this..

New Video: Kandi- Leave U

Kandi Burruss released her new video for Leave U yesterday on 106th & Park. Kandi, formerly of the group Xscape and to some of you Kandi from the Real Housewives of Atlanta is one of the most slept on people in the game in my opinion. Not just because she's good at what she does, but I (even after being in her presence and singing background for her) I never ever felt like she has to make that known.

Kandi, Id be willing to bet is more of a business woman than most realize. Save the show, Kandi is a Grammy Award winning song writer! I dont think people know that we have:  "No Scrubs", "Bills Bills Bills", and "Bugaboo", just to name a few- thanks to her pen. Save her pen, she owns a store TAGS. Save her store, she comes from 1 of the 4 most memorable girl groups of our time.. I mean, people may think she's Kandi from RHOA but thats again because she doesnt really need to brag.

With that said, she's at it again with another album as a solo artist. Kandi's record, Leave U is the anthem of women who's men have forgotten the value of the woman they have. We can all identify with that Im sure!  Kandi's up and coming record I think is entitled, "Kandi Coated" is due out 12.14.10! Check out the video below! Love & blessings to Kandi

Thursday, October 28, 2010

New Music: Common!, JHud, Lupe, NO I.D. !!!!!!!ChiCity!!!!!!!!!!- We Can Do it Now

Some of the world's greatest all hailing out of my second home town of Chicago all came together for this collaboration. Inspired by the 3rd season of Replay, this track is Chicago all day! I mean, its produced by No I.D. that seals it right there! Then of course on the track you have Lupe who is well respected, the incomparable Common Sense, and if that wasnt enough, Jennifer Hudson! All of these people I can say are not just great at what they do, but I feel ok identifying them as ambassadors of a city so dear to me. Check out the below video explaining the collaboration & hear the record too! You can download it for free for a limited time here !!

Really Usher..Really?

Sheesh..I wasnt going to blog this.. mainly because I think Ive blogged enough about Usher and Chilli to last this blog another year or two! LOL! Everyone knows I wuv them together, not news. With that said, I made a decision not to blog anything about them for a bit...but my BabyKayKs flooded my inbox & twitter like HEY!!!!! We know you saw this! lol.. So, I accept that Ive blogged about them soo much and am now expected to. For the love of my BabyKayks :) When I received the tip that Usher made some comments about Chilli in his latest interview- I was a little shocked. I mean, he doesnt speak on her  often so I thought-why now?? I was also eager to know what he'd said, so I followed the link sent to me, and this is what I read:

"I wasn't happy. And I left the relationship as a result of it. There's no honour, I guess, in cheating. But there is honour in honesty, I guess..."If I know I can't be faithful or I'm not happy, then we shouldn't be together. I wanted more. I wanted to be married to that woman. I wanted to marry her. I asked her to marry me! She said no. Who the f**k is gon'...? Come on, man. You gon' stay faithful... (after she said no)?!" UsherBaby..are you kidding? You require a huge dose of humility. Just because a woman doesnt think their relationship is ready for marriage, doesnt mean they dont love you OR that you should go screw someone else. I was blown by this. I was actually blown by the entire interview. Even the way he spoke of his career.. settle down sir. LOL He came off rather cocky and therefore insecure. I was informed by someone that Usher would never be back with Chilli because he's soooo over her. Well, this statement in this interview SCREAMS feelings that arent dealt with. Just swallow your pride and ask her again sheesh..why the fuss? ;) I also chose not to use the Vibe cover for this post because I laughed so hard at, Usher, where are you going?!?

Billy Ray Cyrus Files For Divorce After 17 yrs

Tish Cyrus w/ 2 youngest kids yesterday after her husband of 17 yrs,  Billy Ray filed for divorce.

Billy Ray Cyrus is better known to my age group and those before me probably as the Achy Breaky Heart singer! I mean, I really do love that record and have since I was a child. To the kids of today, he's bka Miley Cyrus' dad. His daughter is Hannah Montana...yes...the empire  herself. Well, yesterday Billy who has been married to Miley's mom Tish for 17 yrs, filed for divorce. Every time I hear of another divorce I cringe-it may be the new annoying. Im sad- like I said on twitter and facebook yesterday, if after 17 yrs of marriage Im considering divorce..I pray I can find SOMETHING in that 17 yrs. to hold on to and make me reconsider. I know somethings arent reparable, but I think a lot of whats going on today is just the "give up". I wish them the best.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

First Page of Jay Z's New Book Found At the Bottom of a Pool

The first page of Jay Z's long awaited book was seen at the bottom of this pool at the Delano in S. Beach!

Jay Z has partnered with Bing the search engine to have a little fun with his upcoming book- yes Jay Z is about to add New York Best Seller to his list of accomplishments! The book, Decoded is a combination of Jay explaining lots of his insane lyrics as well as a personal memoir.  Jay collaborated with highly respected author/director dream hampton on the book. The partnership with Bing will allow for all 300 or so pages of Jay's book to be blown up and placed in secret locations around the country and in Jay's homestate of NY. This is a game... allowing Jay Z fans to locate the pages via clues from Bing. The winner will gain exclusive insight into Jay's life as well as a grand prize of 2 tickets to a highly anticipated concert featuring Jay & Coldplay! For more info and to play along please visit 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

T.I. Escapes Charges In Recent L.A. Drug Arrest

The District Attorney's office of Los Angeles County had decided not to pursue charges against T.I. in connection to his & Tiny's arrest a few months ago. T.I.'s lawyer Steve Sadow told Washington Post that, "The Los Angeles District Attorney's Office's decision to reject TI's case was the right thing to do under the circumstances,". He commended the D.A.'s office " for exercising its discretion to reject prosecution in light of the legal and factual issues involved." Some reports are also coming out that the arresting officers failed to execute arrest procedures properly, ie making TIP get out of the car before asking for registration. Though he will not be charged in Cali, he was sentenced for violating his probation here in Atl. Still one less to worry about.

Nicki Minaj is Serious About Spending Time With Her Barbz

So at some point during this- Nicki has to get her friends straight because they are interrupting her phone time with fans! This is rather entertaining if nothing else but for the reactions the fans get when she calls.  Also Nicki should know that not ALL blogs are the same! :) It is pretty sad that people dont know who Scaff is or at least his real name..Im glad before I ever blogged her..I got all of her old mixtapes and learned up. Its always better to do your homework.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Kanye Premieres Short Film "Runaway"

And you call yourself an artist? No, youre a rapper.. Kanye is an artist. Kanye set down to talk to Sway about what all of this means.. you all should really check it out.

New Music: Sugarland-All We Are

So, Sugarland just released their latest album, The Incredible Machine, and while the whole thing in my opinion is REALLY good.. its hard for me to get beyond Jen's vocals on this opener. The chick can just sing! The opening is sooo dramatic and huge! She's got lungs of steel..and you know what Ive written a record for her younger sister Kate Bryce and she has a huge voice as well...must run in this family! Get this album - I roomie and I were jamming in the car!!! Seriously, Im loving every song on it.. if you dont like Sugarland..whats wrong with you? loolol j/k

I Want To Kiss You

Most of you know that I am an avid lover of lyricists.. I love rappers, poets, songwriters, to me they are all the same. I think I should start featuring some people who's words speak beyond their letters. This lady's name is Bassey Ikpi, and ummm.... she's incredible. I used to do this, write poetry, and speak it during my high school years, so Im always mesmerized when I come across a really good set! Bassey is incredible..Shout out to my big brother Frank for putting me on to her. We talk for hours about dope lyricists and he was like, you'll def appreciate her. I may just feature her a few times this week.. listen and rewind if you have to.. this peace (as I call them) is called, "I Want To Kiss You." Enjoy

Amber Rose Plans To Tell Her Story Soon!

Yesterday Amber Rose took to her twitter page to address her brand new show! According to Amber she's written and will Exec Produce her show with Den of Thieves. Amber has been known in the media for the past couple of years as Kanye's quiet jump off. Many people didnt respect their relationship. Most media outlets reported her as a gold digger and even illiterate and dumb. Well, looks like people are about to get to really know who she is!

I think this is great because since following her on twitter Ive come to realize that she's actually very well spoken, or at least she tweets that way. Im not sure why people just cant accept her as a beautiful and smart woman. Looks like people are about to get a reality check. I hope her show goes well and as always..wish her nothing but the best! Go Amber!!!! Check her tweets out below lol

Congrats! Celine & Rene Welcome Twin Boys

Just days ago I blogged that Celine who was pregnant with twin boys was hospitalized for what reps were saying was a routine move to prevent premature labor. Well, it didnt work :) As they say..the babies come when they are ready! Celine & husband Rene welcomed their twin boys into the world prematurely on the 23rd. Premature babies can grow to be just as healthy as any other, so I pray her and her beautiful boys a swift recovery so they can go home together! Celine & Rene already have a 9 yr old son, Rene Charles. Congrats again!

Toya Carter Opens the Garb Boutique in New Orleans

Congrats is in order for reality show star Antonia "Toya" Carter. She's been all a buzz on twitter recently about opening up her own boutique in her home town of New Orleans. Well, the time finally came last night and it seems as though it went over well! Toya's store is called  the Garb Boutique and according to Toya, Garb means - "a distinct form of fashion". Toya could be found recently in our girl Kandi Burress' shop TAGS here in Atlanta, Im assuming preparing to run her own-smart girl. Speaking of Kandi, she and Rasheeda went out to N.O. to support Toya's grand opening as well.

Toya recently finished shooting her show for BET, "Toya's Family Affair". She is now engaged to her boo from the last season of Tiny & Toya, Memphitz, and has her hands all over her daughter Reginae's (Baby Carter) booming career..busy lady. I hope her store does very well and Im sure it will. Congrats to her & much success! Isnt she gorgeous lately? Just glowing.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Video: Chris Brown-Yeah 3x

This guy is a dancing machine! Great pop record..

Who Is Becoming The Cutest Celeb Dad Ever?!


USHER! He twitpic'd these photos last night of he and his boys carving pumpkins together. This guy takes pride in spending time with his sons, or at least taking pics with them. I think these moments are soo precious! And are these boys not ADORABLE!? GIVE ME THEM! lol. They are soo cute. I think they both look sooo much like Usher in different ways. Soo cute! I hope they have a great halloween!

Photobucket Photobucket

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

KayKi Speaks: My Personal Story Of Bullying Oh & BIG News! :)


I love you guys.. sorry it took so long for me to address this. I will do better. xoxo

Mr. & Mrs. Shawn Carter Are Preggers (Again)?


Numerous internet sources are claiming that Beyonce is expecting with her & hubby Jay Z's first child. Im optimistic..I think everybody really wants them to have a baby. Thing is, this is only the 12434th time since the two got together that the media is going crazy over a pregnancy rumor only to find out that it wasnt true.

I usually dont post "rumors" I try to wait until I know they are actually true, but this isnt a bad one, so I figured what the heck :) I hope they are pregnant with the child that I think will be one of the most celebrated celeb babies ever. Hmm now that I think of it, we (blacks) havent had a baby to be born that everybody is obsessed over sorta like Suri Cruise.. dont you guys think their baby has the potential to be that popular in the media?

I love these two as you know.. I would like to tell Beyonce that I'll welcome her child into our family with open arms as Jay has been my Babyfather for years! (inside joke) hahaaaa :) If this is true... Congrats!!!!!!!

Mwano Brothers Wow Dancing W/The Stars Last Night

These boys had me in tears! This was such a moment and so sweet! Loved it!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Video: Willow Smith-Whip My Hair

Remember when we said we should just give the whole entertainment industry over to the offspring of Will & Jada Smith? Well, how about lets do that now!? LOL Our darling Willow was on 106th yesterday to premiere her video for the record that has taken over EVERYWHERE! The video is soo cute! She's killing all of you grown people right now.. Im just sayin. Shout out to her big bro Jaden Smith in her vid with the fro! They are just adorable! love em..

Photographer Robert Ector Still Believes He's What Chilli Wants

Back in May, I blogged that photographer (to lots of your favorite celebs and my ex twitter crush-ehh I'll have to explain later) Robert Ector, tweeted about his photoshoot with Chilli. He'd been shooting her and felt as though he is what she really wants. Well even though Chilli is currently shooting Season looks like Rob is still trying to prove to Chilli that he is it! LOL..

He tweeted this picture Sunday following a photoshoot he had with her. He tweeted that he had to do 50 "Chilli curls" to prove he was "fit enough" for her haha.. cute. Do I think Rob will get a shot on this season..nah..Im thinking this is just one of those lets flirt type of things, but thats just my guess. We'll have to wait and see. Not sure when it aires, but Id assume top of the year if their shooting now..I'll let you know.

By the way..make sure you all check out Taylor Ector studios! Rob is one part of the puzzle. They offer more than dope pictures. His sister Leah holds down the  styling, and I believe a chic named Latasha Wright is the make up artist. Whoever else they are working with, they are producing some incredible work over there. Their work def speaks for itself! Blazers!

T.I. & Suicidal Man He Talked Down Reunite

This is amazing. Finally, the suicidal guy who rapper TI talked off of the ledge downtown last week has come forward on the Ryan Cameron show. Check out what he had to say above. Thanks to tmz.

Monday, October 18, 2010

New Video: Graham Knox -Dollar

I can NOT contain myself Im SOOOOO proud of my girlie Graham Knox! Graham is a soul that I met a bit ago in a studio with Dougie.  The first impression of Graham is that she's a supermodel..that is whether you see her all made up, or just walking around on a regular day..she just looks like she is one, or should be if she isnt. Luckily for the world-she is. What Ive found most profound about her though is under all of that beauty.. is SO much talent.. yes she models, but she is also an architect, an amazing writer, and obviously also has an amazing voice! Those are only the things that Ive learned in a short amount of time.

I always say that Graham's tone reminds me of  a fireplace in a  winter cabin somewhere.. its just smokey and warm! I am so glad that she has soo many wonderful things happening for her right now! Im honored that Im able to present her single & video Dollar to you all! I LOVE this video..its BANANAS! Very creative! Again, Im so proud of Grahammy (as I affectionately call her) this year is about to be epic for her & darn it its about time! Click here to get the single and the video is free! So dope! Hot hot hot! Ladies.. keep a dollar in your pocket~!

Celine Dion Hospitalized

A while ago I was excited to blog Celine Dion & hubby Renee's announcement that after trying for a while she was pregnant again! This time with twins! Renee & Celine already have a beautiful son named Renee who is 9, but they were trying once more and conceived! It was reported this morning that she was hospitalized in an effort not to deliver her twins prematurely. Her rep claims that its nothing to be worried about, and its just common procedure. Whatever the reason I wish her a healthy pregnancy and delivery! exciting! 

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Happy Sunday!!!

I love this song :)
In this life..I know what Ive been, but here in Your arms, I know what I am.. Im forgiven.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Congrats To Swizz & Alicia On The Birth of Their Baby Boy!!!


Media sources are reporting confirmation of the birth of A Keys & Swizz's baby boy Egypt. Alicia was recently spotted by the paps walking around NYC looking VERY pregnant. If it is true that she's given birth, we wish her and her baby the very best! Congrats to Swizz & Alicia on their new arrival!!!!

Does This Freak You Out?

While we're trying to get our students to graduate from highschool.. this is what Japan is on?!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Nicki Minaj Debuts "Pink Friday" Album Cover


Typical Nicki hahaha! This album is HIGHLY anticipated. I hope she can deliver! I think she will.. anywho here is what the cover looks like :)

President Obama Holds Town Hall Meeting At GWU

Just in case you missed this Town is the video for it! I think it was great. The President was made to answer a lot of questions that I too have had about his Presidency, and his thoughts on  very important issues. He was very candid about what has not been able to deliver as President, but wants us to be renew our enthusiasm that it all can be done. Education was a major theme along with, Let hope defeat fear..and the overall truth that we have to vote!! Thoughts..?

Dear God, Is this what you make in your spare time?!


No Gerard..I dont know why youre so gorgeous either..sorry..

Yall know Ive been on my white man kick.. Ive thought Gerard Butler was gorgeous every since he said, "This is Spartaaaaaa!" Whew take me now Lord! LOL..this post is for absolutely no reason at all...I just like to look at it. lol

Whoopi & Joy Walk Off Of "The View" Interview With Bill OReilly

As a very heated discussion got under way about the mosque being built near Ground Zero (Fallen Twin Towers Location) and Presidential ratings today on The View, Whoopi & Joy seemed to need a break from the ignorance spewing out of Bill O'Reilly's mouth..this guy..smh-check this out..

Once O'Reilly blamed 911 on Muslims, Joy and Whoopi got up and walked off of stage. Barbara being the more seasoned one on the set quieted the cheering audience and announced that while she loves her colleagues, that should never have happened. That they should be able to have a conversation without people getting up and leaving.  Not too long after they left Whoopi & Joy returned, Joy exclaiming it was because Bill apologized.

Over the years I have come to know Bill O'Reilly as an idiot..what else did you all expect him to say?

Dear Tionna Smalls..Twitter Beef is Not My Thing


You know what Ive learned over the span of 24 short years? That I dont know much. When I meet someone (especially someone older) who acts off of the inference that they know more than they really do, it makes my skin crawl. Yesterday I received an email and to my surprise it pointed out something that I hadnt even realized. The email wanted to know if I knew that Tionna Smalls was filming "What Chilli Wants" again this season after all of the negative things she'd said about Chilli after the last season ended. Now, I knew about the negative things, I saw Tionna on Kandi's show not the night it aired but it to was brought to my attention by one of you and I watched it. I didnt quite follow her problem with Chilli but thats neither here nor there. What I didnt know was that she was shooting the second season. I knew Chilli was, but I didnt connect the dots.

So after reading the email I logged on to twitter..and since my phone hadnt been updated on twitter in a minute, one of the first tweets on my timeline was one from Christal of Enchanted PR who represents Chilli. So without a thought I tweeted her these exact words..:

Now, I have mad love for Chilli & Enchanted PR, theyve been kind to me and this blog, I tweeted HER because I was interested in her and her clients take on the situation. I didnt @ Tionna because of the opposite reasons. Either way, nothing about that was demeaning. I actually tweeted it and forgot all about it until I got a surprise reply.
This was followed by a whole bunch of garbage- but let me make sense of it for you all.

1. By calling me nosy, what she means is, I have a blog and make inquiries to those Im interested in blogging about.

2.  By saying that she gets her money and I should get mine, what she means is, well Im not sure- I do get mine.. :/
3. By saying that Im the same one sweating her last year.. (now this is where I was totally confused & this may take a little while to explain.. lol)..

 As most of you know I was selected by MTV earlier this year to compete in a series of challenges to become their first ever TJ (Gabi won!) During those challenges we were given one in particular that called for us to come up with a cause and campaign for it basically. Because Ive always been about self love and such, I came up with the #GottaLuvMe hashtag...remember?!? in my effort to make my final presentation a big one I was brainstorming as to who I could tweet on twitter and get their support.

One day while on twitter I thought of Tionna. She came off to me as someone very secure and confident in her body even though mainstream society has applied a stigma to being a big woman. So I tweeted her and I believe she forwarded me to her assistant (not quite sure how all of that went down-but something like that..) So after explaining to her assistant  (who was a doll btw)what I needed and my 3 day time limit, she said Tionna had agreed to at least tweet something. Well her assistant kept hitting me up promising that Tionna was going to get on it and I waited up until 11:58 pm when I HAD to post my completed entry for whatever Tionna said she was going to do..and...nothing. Now, I got an email apologizing from her assistant, who said she'd done all she could and I believed her. I had no hard feelings, I just wished she had said what she couldnt do earlier so I couldve asked someone else, but that was my fault not hers, so..I was cool.

So by sweating her- she means that I saw a positive in her and reached out to her in an effort to encourage that same positive in other people. And her busy schedule and the pressure of a deadline left me no choice but to continue and find out her status on what she said she was going to do via her assistant. Now that must be a new kind of sweating because again..Im confused.

I think its all hilarity. Mostly because..she is who she is.. no shade, but its called humility. Its one thing to know youve come a long way, but she has a habit of talking as if she knows sooo much, and in this case..she was defensive for no reason. She said I thought just because I didnt @ her that she wouldnt see my tweet and I didnt know how twitter works. Ma'am... smh I didnt @ her because I was not at all interested in her angle.. I @ed who I was trying to hear from. Also.. I was selected by MTV.. 1 of 18 people out of the whole twitterverse & blogworld to compete to be their official twitter handler... TRUST I know twitter. That alone was like huh?!? Im not going to post all of her tweets, because she got a little excited as she does anytime somebody is talking about her and money or whatever.

Im writing this blog to say that I am 1 person she doesnt have to worry about caring how much money she's making or if she is making any. I work for YOU..I ask questions for YOU.. anyone who knows me personally knows its TONS of stuff on here that I could care less about, but I know that my readers want to know, or enjoy coming here so I keep it up. Sometimes, its best to swallow ALL of your pride. Stop thinking everyone is out to get you or hate on you.. especially when you dont know them from the man on the moon. I mean did she totally overlook the part about her possibly just growing and maturing to talk about the part about money? She doesnt know what I have going on, or how much money Im making, or obviously, how fluent I am with twitter. haha..

The moral is, this was totally blown out of porportion, like really lady.. count to 5..its not that serious. Thanks to everyone who was tweeting me irritated by it, no need to defend me..I know I didnt do anything wrong. As I said, it was sooo nothing that I almost didnt reply. Since Ive already gotten a few, "girl what happened?" tweets, texts, I thought Id enlighten the late comers. So thats worries, back to life. Overall just be careful what conclusions you jump to and who you try to clown on your way to wherever youre going. They may be closer than you  know to that same place, just taking another route, and you may need a lift.

oh & nobody uses #POWWWWWWW like I do! #KAPOWAH! hahaaa TNT BabyKayks

Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Video: Eric Benet-Sometimes I Cry

Found it!!!! Eric Benet's new single, "Sometimes I Cry"... this is def a move for the grown GROWN people as I say! He has such a sweet voice! This is real music right here! Eric Benet is one of the few artists I can play with my parents around and hold my head up high! Haha  I believe the record Lost In Time is due out sometime in November... Check the first single out below!

Happy Birthday UrsherBaby

Today Usher celebrates his 32nd?? bday...anywho.. Usher fans around the world are celebrating. Really, anybody who is a Bieber Lover should be too lol. I always love these fan tribute videos because they are so sweet. This is the only one I could find.. these Russian fans really love this dude! hahaha... its cute though.. I bugged at the end! We wish Usher many many more & we tease him a lot on here, but its all in love! Hope this is the best one yet!

Eric Benet & Daughter India Sing "Youre The Only 1"


India has a great voice! Remember when she was just a little girl? Lol.. well here she is with her UBER handsome dad playing around singing one of his older singles, "Youre the Only 1". This is beautiful! Their voices sound soo good together & she looks a lot like him too! Enjoy and make sure you all get the album November 23!!!! I wanted to blog his latest single's video- Sometimes I Cry- but I cant find the official one online yet..but the song is just as sweet as aalll of his songs are :)

Who's Having the Flyest Baby Ever??!!


If you guessed Rachel Zoe you guessed right!!!! I was sucked into Rachels world by watching her Bravo show, The Rachel Zoe Project. It chronicles her life as one of hollywood's most sought after stylistas! She's uber fresh. The news that she's pregnant comes with some precautions in my mind...she's always been sooooo skinny..I just want her to have a healthy baby-if in fact she is preggers! I do hope so, all of us RZP faithful watchers know thats all her hubby Roger wants! haha

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

All 33 Chilean Men & Rescuers ALL Safely Above Ground!!

Back in August when I found out that 33 men were stuck half a mile under the Earth, I was spooked. I was even more spooked to find out that initial rescue efforts didnt seem feasible until December. I couldnt fathom these men under ground with very little food and water, in complete darkness, poor air quality, and extreme heat and not knowing if and when they'd be free and back to their families.

While the rest of the world (including myself) seemed to worry, these men seemed to keep such high spirits. They prayed and sang, they made the best of such a seemingly sorry situation. The fact that these men kept such high spirits was such an inspiration to all of us, even knowing that it would be a while before they were able to be free. Amazingly the rescue efforts were sped up a bit when an American company offered to help while it was on site near the miners. This has become a world wide effort with other countries, like Afghanistan even, helping to rescue these miners!

Its been an absolute great feeling to watch these men come up from the Earth and hug their families. This was amazing. I can say I cried like a baby! All of the men are ok, one has pneumonia, and a couple have some skin abrasions, but overall they are fine. I loved how they came out and thanked God, one brought up souvenirs (rocks), and others cheered the crowd on. This was just wonderful..God was with them, I think one of the miners said it best:

There are 33 miners, but there are 34 of us down here..God has never left us.
Thank You God!

Rapper TI Talks Suicidal Man Off Of Ledge

Click to hear audio of Tip, Ryan Cameron, and Police convo following the ordeal!

Well..did I MISS something?? Rapper TI talked a man off of the top of a building today! WoW. TIP just heard it on the radio and came down to see if he could assist in any way. They devised a plan to get a video of TI up to the young man, and it worked. The guy came down and decided not to end his life. Now I wanna know how much publicity is this going to get. Major kudos to Tip.. now that was MAJOR :)

There is sooo much negative said about our rappers, but I wonder how many lawyers, doctors, preachers, teachers were in downtown and just drove on by..didnt even whisper up a prayer.. Blessings to TIP. Huge of you..HUGE!

Antoine Dodson BET HipHop Awards Performance


Lawd..BET is this what its come to? This is one of the performances I did see last night. From my understanding the BET awards had a few good performers lined up. I didnt get to see any of them but this one and a bit of Wakas...anywho I have no words -just watch.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

BET Hip Hop Awards Cyphers That Rocked!

Cube & his sons.. &.. Rev Run & his sons.. LOVED IT!

G.O.O.D. Music!

There were a couple others but these are my faves!

Say It Aint So: Christina Aguilera & Jordan Bratman Separated?!


Im sick to my stomach over marriages not lasting! Its being reported that the two are living separate lives and that though they still love each other they feel more like friends than romantic partners. The two have a son who is 2 yrs. old. I hope they can make this work...its so sad that all of these marriages are ending..I think we've all grown to want our own happiness above EVERYTHING else. Its the only reason I can think of why marriages used to last and they arent anymore. I wish them the best :/

Monday, October 11, 2010

Mychael Knight's FW 2010 Carte Blanche = My LIFE!

I was thinking the other day,  I would really love to feature some ATL designers and such on this blog, just because I know there are some out there who put in WERK! So I was watching Project Runway reruns and had the thought to check in on Mychael Knight and see what he is up to... HUN- EE... I LIVE! These collections are so chic! The coat, the all white (and black), the simplicity, the shapes! Im just in love! Please see the pics (sorry they are small I couldnt get them bigger without distorting them ) and visit the site to see the full collections! Thank you Mychael and I may need to holler at him to get these design ideas out of my head! No but for real.. dont let me get a hold of a designer.. --->problem!

New Book: Nelson Mandela- Conversations With Myself


Also on 60 Minutes last night they featured the iconic President Nelson Mandela's new book, Conversations With Myself. It is in stores today and I for one cant wait to read it! Ive always been fascinated with him and his story, but this appears to be the most indepth look into the real man and his thoughts while locked away all of those years. Some of the outtakes from it were shared last night and they were just incredible! Not to mention the foreword is by President Obama... that alone is going to be so good! If you are a reader, definitely get this book.. if you arent a reader-become one.

Eminem 60 Minute Interview

You'd probably be amazed to learn of this side of Em! I think most people feel as though they know the rapper turned actor. He's one of the most respected rappers dead or alive. Check this interview out to hear who Marshall Mathers really is. Yall know I LOVE Anderson Cooper haha I also feel like Eminem is gonna be like a preacher one day or something! lol ..dont ask.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Q Parker (112) Performs Classic Luther Vandross "Here And Now"

Radio/TV personality Egypt was recently married and she had grammy award winning singer/songwriter Q Parker of 112 sing Luther Vandross' "Here and Now".. Q has one of the sweetest voices EVER! One thing I love about him is that he NEVER over does it..he knows how sweet his tone is..and he lets that be enough when it is enough. Not to mention this is a classic so it goes anyway! I love it! Make sure you all be on the look out for Q's solo work.. definitely worth looking out for! Whew..this was beautiful!

Nick Cannon & Pregnant Mariah(?) Celebrate His 30th


A few close friends ( and a couple of celebs) met up this weekend in NY to celebrate Nick's 30th birthday. I actually got these pics of Chilli last night in an email, but didnt know they were from Nick's bday party. Also in attendance was BET's Stephen Hill amongst others. Mariah is looking a little preggers is she not?? Either that or she's trying to get pregnant and the hormones are kicking in! I think she looks cute :) Congrats to them if she is and blessings if theyre trying. Nick looks great for 30.. and Chilli, wow.. is that what 40 looks like? Get em' girl!
Photobucket         Photobucket

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Chilean Miners Being Rescued!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After 65 days of being trapped more than 2300 ft. underground, the 33 miners in Chile are now being rescued! If you have been following this story, you know that these 33 men have been trapped with little water, food, or oxygen, but have remained joyful and lively. Footage of the men revealed them singing at times, very thin, but still making the best of their situation.

The men are being rescued by a capsule dubbed the Phoenix. Though the rescue is underway, it will take hours maybe days to actually pull the men to safety. Im still happy that the rescue efforts have began! Praying for their safe return to their families!


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Christina Milian Gracefully Rebuttals Sandra Rose's Preggo Rumor

I dont know about you all, but every time I see Baby Violet she is more and more Adorable! She's just so cute! Anywho, yesterday, some pictures of her and her mommy Christina Milian were posted online and while most of us took away that Baby V is beautiful and they look great... someone decided to start a rumor that Christina is pregnant. As soon as I saw Christina's tweets I was not surprised. Sandra Rose can take anything and make it negative or a rumor. I actually think that she's one of the bloggers that get paid just to start something. She has such a faithful following, and Im not hating I just dont get it. Ive come to learn that some things are not meant to make sense and so I dont try to understand nonsense anymore, but its still irritating.

What I find annoying is that this happens so much to celebs and fooorr what? I think any woman knows that the type of dress Christina has on in these pix makes any woman's figure disappear & when have you not seen Christina with a glow when she's photod playing with her baby? I think its hilarious how even after Christina tells Sandra that its not true, she goes into how she has credible sources and celebs sit on her blog. Well, I think that a credible source is easy to find when your in the business of exploiting, or trying to exploit people. This isnt the first time Ive read mean things about Christina on Sandra's blog. I remember her saying that Christina was sleeping with one of Dream's friends, and then dating her bff. I absolutely do not frequent her site, but I know people who do and those people will say inform me of what she is saying, just as they email me with Bossip of Freddyo stories. I think they mean well, but I dont read her blog for this very reason..its just too negative for me most of the time.

Now I dont want to come off like I hate the woman or anything, I dont know her, and wouldnt try to get to know her given the opportunity. I disagree with her angles but I appreciate her site for what it is. Many of you dont know this, but I credit Sandra Rose with 90% of my reasoning for starting this blog. I visited her site one day because she had some chat with Tiny & Toya and while there I looked around a bit and I was just blown away by how demeaning and gossipy her tone is, and to think people ACTUALLY love this site?!? So I started going back every once in a while to see if maybe Id just seen 1 days worth of posts and well, the tone was the same every time..negative. With the exception of a couple of posts (I guess about people she likes, who pay her or something) its just negativity. So, I decided to create a blog that would be the opposite for the few people in the world who would care to read positive stuff. So, yea..she was a major influence on my choice to blog.

With that said, I think it was huge of Christina to handle Sandra's rumor the way she did on twitter. Im sure she couldve gone in on her, but her word choice and approach were both mature and graceful. It really burned me that after she shuts the preggo rumor down, Sandra went in for the, "Well while I have your attention, how is Terius(Dream)?" question.. and Im like LADY?! lol.. she's absolutely a trip. I guess she gets off by being messy.. thats just not me. Makes my skin crawl. In the end I guess she has her way of doing things and I have mine..its obviously worked out for So, I said all of that to say, a.) Christina Milian is denying that pregnancy rumor, b.) Dont believe half of what you read in the media (Id like to post only things that I know are TRUE but even I can be off sometimes), and c.) do what you can to counteract the negativity in this world in a productive and respectful TNT BabyKayks

Weezy in Solitary Confinement

Lil Wayne , SEXY Pictures, Images and Photos
This week has started with a lot of internet buzz for Wayne, and for a few reasons. He dropped his digital album, "I am Not A Human Being" on itunes last week, and it pushed Eminem's long running #1 down to #2 the day of release. This week also marks the beginning of his last month at Rikers, so many of his fans are celebrating with the 30 day countdown. To add to the buzz though, it is being reported that Wayne has once again been found to have a mp3 charger & headphones in his cell, both of which are prohibited. With that, he has been sent to solitary confinement, where he is only allowed out for visitation, religious activities, and 1 hr. of recreation. Thats gotta suck. I hope he can stay out of trouble so that this last month goes by a little easier.

New Music: Chris Brown Ft. everybody in the world & 3000! LOL -Deuces

This record makes me miss Wayne lol.. yall know he'd be on this!

Monday, October 4, 2010

The Homie Cri$tyle Crashes Our Session

Most of you know that I am a singer songwriter, and am often in the studio with  my good friend and wearer of all musical hats, Douglas Whatley (of the Whatleys). Dougy is a character and about a year ago, he started requiring every artist that stopped through the studio to shoot a theme song video from a familiar show. Well the other day we were in (not really getting ANYTHING done! lol) and our homie award winning singer/songwriter Cri$tyle stopped through to hang out. It was a no brainer that Cris had to get her theme song in as well. After much consideration she decided on DuckTales! We were just having a ball.. but its SO obvious how much of an incredible singer she is!!! We always have fun with these..and its always good to spend time with great people...enjoy! Also visit Dougy's youtube page for more of these-including mine :)

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Usher Poses For Buy Life Campaign

Stop staring and click for more info! LOL

I NEVER used to think this man was even cute.. but it seems like the older he gets, the more handsome he becomes?! Is is just me?? My golly! Anywho, Ursher Baby has joined the ranks of Alicia Keys, Swizz, Kim Kardashian, Katie Holmes and others posing in these really cool shirts to support and fund A Keys' organization, Keep a Child Alive!

So whats cool about these pics outside of them being great to look at? Well you can actually download the StickyBits or WiMO app and scan their shirts to donate. You can also text their names to 90999 to make a $5 donation! Cool right?!?! I love that celebs are using their influence for good. Love it.. and duude.. youre looking Grrreat!

U.S. Researchers Infect Guatemalans With STDs

Click for more info

Many of you have heard of the Tuskegee  Experiment and how hundreds of black men were never informed of their diagnosis of Syphilis in order to study the disease. Well, that is not the only occurrence of scientists placing people in harms way in order to research the long term effects of STDs.

Yesterday Secretary of State, Hilary Clinton & Health & Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius found themselves issuing a formal apology to Guatemala, Guatemalan American citizens, and all who were effected by a more recently exposed example of this problem. In the 1940s American scientists & researchers with the permission of the Guatemalan government INFECTED mentally ill Guatemalan patients with STDs in an effort to study the various STDs. Susan Reverby, author and key expert on the Tuskegee experiment was first to bring this particular example to the forefront. She found out about the Guatemalan experiments really by accident while doing more research on the Tuskegee experiments.

If this doesnt frighten you, I dont know what will. I hope that things of this nature are no longer going on... but really will we know until  YEARS later if they were? WoW.. The joint statement of Clinton & Sebelius can be found below.

"Although these events occurred more than 64 years ago, we are outraged that such reprehensible research could have occurred under the guise of public health. We deeply regret that it happened, and we apologize to all the individuals who were affected by such abhorrent research practices."

Friday, October 1, 2010

Alicia Keys Hosts Her Star Studded "Keep A Child Alive" Charity Ball

Swizz & Alicia
Alicia Keys who looks like she's aalllmost ready :) came out dazzling last night to host her annual "Keep A Child Alive" charity ball for HIV/AIDS funding in Africa & India. This event looks like it was incredible. Last night everyone was tweeting and posting pictures. It just looked like a huge event! Hopefully lots of money & awareness was raised about the epidemic and with AKeys spear heading, Im sure that got accomplished. The likes of AKeys & Swizz, Jay & Bey, WHITNEY!, Usher, SADE!, Janelle Monae, Jennifer Hudson, and many other celebs attended. They all look AMAZING! Bey.. is that a lil pudge we see????? LOL.. we all want them to have a baby so bad, lol.. anywho here are some pics.
CLEAN Mr. & Mrs. Carter..clean. I am not making this up am I? She has a lil belly action! lol

WHITNEY!                       SADE!
Beautiful                              Usher Raymond is SUCH a womanizer....boy get it together before somebody 
                                           else gets what you really want! haha..ok.