Wednesday, September 15, 2010

While We're On Our JoJo Kick- SINGERS GET IN HERE!

Wow. No Words. This blog is not about to turn into, but I want yall to understand how sleep Ive been!! LOL! Im awake.. I wish you all would join me by pressing play. It only took a couple of JoJo fans to read that I was sleep and they sent me these links just to show me how long Ive been sleeping on her! Umm.. my bad?! lol Please comment below! Thanks!  This is hilarious & the cutest thing ever.. but it helps to explain what we've been in awe about for the past week..

When  you start like this..

Then go to this..

This is inevitable..


  1. WOW is rite! she is amazin!

  2. Is this jojo who used to sing get out? Shes really good and listen to her little voice before. Im awake kayki!

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  4. Ok! I have GOT to get this Breakeven song!! Is this by her!?

  5. Ok, I just listened to the whole thing AFTER I looked up who this Breakeven song was by lol! Goodness, that Jojo!! She's is absolutely incredible!! Thanks for sharing Sis!!