Wednesday, September 22, 2010

When Plastic Surgery Goes...right??

Photobucket the ever so beloved Ms. Rock & Roll herself, Courtney Love does not always come off as the most "pretty" woman we've ever seen. She's known for giving the grungy, maybe I took a bath today..maybe I didnt, smeared make up look (above). Well, thats not always how she looks.

She can definitely clean up. She was snapped on the red carpet this past weekend looking, very clean and quite pretty (below). Might I add... over the years her face has changed a lot. While searching for decent pictures it was obvious just how many faces she's actually had. With that being said, I think whatever she's done she looks great. A little skinny, but great. The only thing is she doesnt look like Courtney Love.. cant win for losing something right? Well just thought Id share.. doesnt even look like her huh?? WoW

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