Monday, September 6, 2010

Rubi Pazmino: More Than OchoCinco's Ultimate Catch

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Did you watch Chad Ochocinco's Ultimate Catch on VH1? Well I got sucked into it a few weeks ago. From the door I noticed that out of all of the ladies there, this chic from my second home (Chi) was just cool. She seemed level headed, passionate, beautiful, and genuine. So from that point on I found myself rooting for Rubi! I wasnt alone, she was Chad's #1 pick. It was obvious that they had chemistry from the beginning and all of the girls in the house knew it as well. What I liked about Rubi was that she was mature and respectful to all of the girls. Even in the second to last show when she and the very annoying Tara exchanged words, she handled it with grace. So, needless to say, when Chad picked her and not Ms. B (who I thought was cool too) I agreed with his choice.

Anywho... on some episode I remember the girls in the house talking about how Rubi was always singing and thinks she's this pop star singer. I meant then to look up some of her music to check her out. Now that the season is over and she won, I was reminded to do so. Im glad I did. From a singer's perspective.. and a lover of music period... Rubi actually can sing. She has a beautiful voice & beautiful music. Rubi came off very sincere on the show & that comes through on her music as well. Click the link below to check some of her music out! Kudos to the homie for winning Ultimate Catch & blessings to her & her career as an artist! Youve got it girlie! Dont quit! will try to keep up with this career thats sure to blossom!

What Do I Do by Rubi Pazmino

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  1. she does have a beautiful voice. I never knew about her music thnx kayki!