Friday, September 24, 2010

Teresa Lewis Put to Death In VA

Last night, the state of VA became the first state in 5 yrs. to execute a woman.  According to CNN, Lewis, a 41-year-old grandmother, pleaded guilty to participating in the plotted 2002 slayings of her husband and stepson in Danville, Virginia, near Richmond. Though she did not pull the trigger, she was sentenced to death, the two men that did pull the trigger were given life in prison without parole, one of them committed suicide while in prison. After many requests to stop this dreadful act, the powers that be denied her clemency & any attempt to keep her alive by friends, family, and supporters was met with a stern fist.

Now, I personally do not support the death penalty. I think its murder, and quite stupid at that. You are killing someone for killing someone? So who's going to kill you? Life is life. No one is more valuable than anyone else. If we are to punish people, then send them to jail but who are you to take on the role of God and end a life? I just think its disgusting. Furthermore, specifically in this case, Teresa's supporters were disturbed by the fact that she received the death penalty for helping to plot it but the trigger men received life without parole. Also to be considered is the fact that according to testing, Teresa's IQ is 72, only 2 points higher than the demarcation that may infer mental retardation. Her lawyers argued that though she admitted to plotting the murders and was labeled as the mastermind, that she was actually being used by the trigger men to get money.

Really..that info just paints a picture. I wouldnt care if she walked in and did it herself..that doesnt give anyone the right to take her life. Im so disturbed by the death penalty. Even in my mind, when considering the thought of someone doing the most horrific thing they could possibly do to me, or my family, I cant see myself agreeing with someone being murdered. I just cant. Below is the video post her lethal injection. My prayers are with her family and all involved. I wonder if the Gov Bob McDonnell even feels any kind of way about allowing someone to be murdered last night?

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