Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Reggie Bush Forfeits Heisman Honor

The Heisman trophy is the most coveted honor among top collegiate American football players. Its easily one of the most important awards given in American sports overall. So, why is Reggie Bush giving his back? Well, most think it is an attempt to give it back, before it is taken away.

There has been speculation that while at U.S.C. Bush & his family accepted monies from various agents making him ineligible for the honor. Bush agreed that he'd made mistakes, but contributes them to lack of knowledge. In "moving forward" as he tweeted, Bush is setting up a high school program that will help to educate athletes and their parents so that they dont make the same mistakes he made.

Im not sure I believe that he didnt know he couldnt accept the contributions, but I dont feel as though he wouldve ever wanted this honor taken away from him. I feel pretty bad for the guy, but I wish him the best in the future. Im sure this wont be the highlight of his career..the Saints wont let that happen.. #WHODAT

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