Thursday, September 9, 2010

Optical Illusion: GIVENCHY! Thanks Christina!

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Cant We Always Count On Christina Milian to come with her A Game?? The other day she twitpic'd these bad mama jamas & I was instantly stuck with the question... WHAT?! & WHO!? So I tweeted Christina who we know knows & who replies to tweets all of the time, asking her what brand of shoes they were. Well, its just my luck that she hasnt signed back on since I tweeted & asked.

I hate going on shoe hunts. Thats like my confession to my BabyKayKs.. like I hate it! Can you imagine searching google with adjectives hoping that youre describing the shoe enough to find the name of it!? Ugh.. very annoying, but I do it for you! LOL.. I do it for my own sanity as well. Somethings (like this one) are just tooo brilliant to not know. What Im saying is I found the shoe- Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci Optical Print Bandage Wedge aka BADNESS! I love these.. hope you will too.. took me forever to find them! Now what do you say BabyKayks?  lol muah! & Thanks again Christina!

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