Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mike Vick Wins First Starting Game In 4 Years!!

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Sunday was a great night in football. I mean, it was great! So many good games! So, did you all see the Eagles game? Well if you didnt you missed Mike Vick have an incredible run. You may know him as the beloved Falcons QB who found himself in a huge bout with the law regarding illegal dog fighting a few years ago. After serving his time, losing millions of dollars, and a media frenzy, he was welcomed to the Eagles as a quarterback.  This game against the Detroit Lions was Eagles' coach Andy Reid's chance to showcase the star QB who was also looking for a moment to show off what he feels is his best athletic skill/body ever.

Boy did he show off! He ran & threw for yards proving that he is in an incredible athlete. He played an error free game completing 62% of his passes many of which for some pretty spectacular plays. As if that is not enough, following his triumph Sunday, he in a recent interview stood behind the Eagles' QB Kevin Kolb who was out with a concussion Sunday causing Vick to fill in. He explained that the Eagles are not his team, and reminded everyone who the QB is, and that he was only standing in. He addressed his faith in Kolb being able to lead the team to victory.

If you have lived in Atlanta for any amount of time in the past few years, you know how important Vick's success is to this city and he is not even here anymore! We still wear his jersey to Falcons games and still root for him! We all felt a sense of pride when he played such a stellar game Sunday. Im really really proud of him. Go Vick!

Oh & P.S. GO PATRIOTS! I dont care.. thats my team! lol

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