Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just In Case You Missed It: Kanye 2010 VMAs Performance

I was out celebrating life with some folks as the VMAs were airing so even though I could see them, I couldnt hear anything. A couple of the performaces were getting rave reviews, one being Kanye's.  A few of the performaces were getting mixed responses, like Taylor Swift's. I actually watched Taylors after the twitter bashing and Im not sure why people were hating on her performance. She's never been the strongest of  singers live, but I think the song was a great record.

As it seems, the media in an effort to help Taylor who was originally the victim, went SO hard on Kanye, that he is now the victim. People are now blaming Taylor for Kanye's hurt just as much as they blamed Kanye for hers. Its insane. Taylor was actually singing about forgiving Kanye, and how he is not the monster people were trying to make him, but some kind of way.. very few on twitter (at least in my timeline) wanted to hear her. I actually liked the song a lot. I thought it was thoughtful and whether you dont like Taylor's voice or not, you have to admit she can write a catchy tune. I tried to find a vid of Taylor's performance, but most were restricted, but if you have a moment and you didnt see it you should.

Again, Kanye's performance has been one of the highlights..if you missed his self explanatory performance.. peep it above.

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