Tuesday, September 7, 2010

JoJo Is In Fact A Problem


One of my faves check it out while you read- smh she killed this:

I told you guys, Id let you know whats up with Jojo as I know. Well she just dropped a new mixtape. Ummm... well, we knew she could sing, but the growth is immense! This chic is giving so many people a run for their money. A lot of these records on this mixtape remind me of Brandy which yall know is a HUGE compliment from me. I mean, the production is dope, tracks, arrangements, but please dont disregard the actual vocal ability of this chic! OMGoogle. This mixtape is where its at.I hear there are a few female vocal artists about to put out a mixtape.. umm.. step your games up because she's just set the bar high!

Everything from My Time Is Money to Just a Dream is sheer talent. Im actually listening to it again right now and can barely finish this blog for my random outburst of "You BETTA SANG girl!" LOL! Jojo is a problem because she's sneaking up on the game in her own uber dope way. I mean, like great she's the lil white girl who can sing... props for that..but thats not what Im saying. Im saying black or white or green or yellow.. IT DOESNT MATTER...the gift is incredible. I know she's been grinding for a while and sometimes this industry sucks! Remember all of yall trying to get into it that its a MESS, but I pray that JoJo keeps doing her.. keeps grinding until the world recognizes this AMAZING gift that is her voice. She's beautiful, she's actually really talented (Ive heard her live & yea.. she goes in) lol, and really has no limits on where her career will go from here.

We loved her as a teen/preteen, but this mixtape gives us a look at JoJo as a woman. Vocally, and materialistically, we hear the growth that comes with a lil struggle and growing up a bit. So, enjoy the mixtape, I definitely am! Love it! #KayKiApproved! Click here to follow Jojo on twitter!