Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Jay & Eminem Rock Yankee Stadim

Click the Pic for Full Write Up from MTV.com!

Wow.. the reviews I have read of this concert are epic. I mean, it honestly feels like one of those things you have to be at to blog about. From Eminem bringing G-Unit & DR DRE!!! out.. to Jay Z bringing the heavy hitters, Ye, his wifey Bey, and Chris Martin, oh yea Swizz Beatz too.. Jay was on a roll last night. Its my understanding that he did hit after hit & was feeling himself in the process. One of my fave write ups so far is by Shaheem Reid on MTV.com... check it out, it will def make you jealous that you werent there! lol

These comments are funny.. but I concur lol

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