Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ive Fallen in LOVE With My Hair Again

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Im sure most of you know by now that I have natural hair..Im always on twitter talking about Cloud 9 (my hair) and how: Im either tired of it, I dont feel like washing it, or how much I love it. I, like many women with natural hair, have a love/hate relationship with it. I love it in its thick, unstraightened essence. How soft it is, the subtle curl. Oh but I hate the frizz and the nappy. The blow drying and the straightening. I cut my hair into a low fade my freshman year in high school (imagine that). I was actually in 8th grade though when I for some strange reason realized that I didnt want another perm in my hair. So its been a looong time coming for me.

Needless to say, since then Ive tried EVERYTHING. Thank God in recent years Ive found a hairdresser who knows hair and can silk my hair to perfection (and it STAYS) when I want it straight (Stephen Webster Atelier Salon). But who doesnt want to be able to wash their own hair? I also would like to wear my hair natural from time to time without looking crazy. Those have been my issues. I mean, I couldnt even WASH my hair without a hassle! So annoying right? Well not. anymore.

A couple of months I went to wash my hair for the first time since moving into my new home. I went into the bathroom to pull out one of the many bottles of shampoo and conditioner Id purchased ( with the high hopes of them helping in some way) only to realize Id thrown them all out in my recent move. Oh, but I HAD to wash my hair THAT day. It was one of those moments where you're like.. ugh I need to do it! So I decided to use the shampoo and conditioner in the bathroom that didnt belong to me. What could it hurt? It wasnt like my shampoo and conditioner did any good anyway.

I still remember reading the back of the bottles to see what was in them (like I know what those chemicals are! LOL). I remember feeling frustrated because I dont like to use different product lines at one time, I like the same shampoo & conditioner. The shampoo smelled good, but I didnt like the way it made my hair feel. So I rinsed it out in frustration. Then I stuck my hand in a little jar that said Love. Oddly the moment I placed the hand full of love into my hair.. I FELL! Instantly I felt the softness of my hair restored & these little definite curls. I ran my fingers through my hair amazed at the detangling that had occurred. WHAT was this stuff?!? I reached and grabbed the jar and reread everything on it! LOL. I then proceeded to wash my hair, still amazed at this product. I decided to straighten my hair out that day, but not before I stared and played with it in the mirror in awe of how beautiful it was-naturally.

The next time I washed my hair, I decided to wear it naturally. I made sure to section my hair off and comb through it with a big toothed comb with the conditioner in it. Ive even left the Love conditioner in my hair at times (prob best to just get their leave in conditioner for that) but worked! I couldnt get myself to straighten my hair out for weeks! I was so in love with how soft and strong this product made my hair feel, let alone the way it enhanced my natural but sometimes invisible curl pattern. I LOVED it! I started yapping to all of my friends about it. My bff asked me the other day.."how long have you had your hair out like that now??" Really, I just had no reason to straighten it out. It is the longest time Ive worn my natural out in years..literally. So, Im sure youre like "ok!? Where can we get this stuff?"..

I searched online and found the website. The product Love is made by a family owned company called Davines (Da-vee-ness) out of Italy. The Bollati family has developed a line of products for all hair types. Love is one family under the Essential Hair Care Line. It was added about 4 yrs. ago. When I called to speak with a representative before posting this, I asked him if there was anything he wanted me to add to my post that was important. He insisted that I let you all know that the product itself is not only good, but the company strives to make it environmentally friendly as much as possible. Everything is recycled. Even the container is approved by the FDA for reuse ( you can even store food in it!). Davines boasts a 0 environmental impact product line, as well as a partnership with Lifegate through which they purchase renewable energy  as well as offset carbon emissions by planting trees. Today they have planted roughly 10million sq ft. worth of trees. WOW! Makes me LOVE them even more :)

So, what Id like is for you all to click on the picture above and peruse the site. Read up on the company then click find a salon. They do not authorize sells over the Internet unfortunately which means you'll need to find a salon on their site and visit it to purchase the products. No different than you going out to get your products anyway, except (for me at least) these work. I have yet to have the full line of Love products, but if the conditioner alone is this great..I anticipate loving the rest of the line as well. If you decide to try the product, let me know how it works for you!

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  1. Ahhhh Finally Kayki!!!! I am looking for a salon IMMEDIATELY... Fingers crossed that it works for me too!! You should have taken pics! I'll let you know how it works!