Friday, September 3, 2010

Is Amber Rose Real?

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Ok.. so granted the dress is absolutely, positively too short in my opinion, Amber Rose is still just ridiculously beautiful. I mean first off she doesnt even look real, she looks like a mannequin! Im not a huge fan of the Orlan Peep Toe Louboutin's but I must say I dig the color combo with the shoes and dress (ahem shirt). I like Amber because she pushes the envelope with fashion..sometimes its a bit much, but for the most part nobody is seeing her on the fashion tip. The chic could wear a potato sack & flip flops and stunt on

I dont really know the huge problem that people especially women have with just admitting that she is a beautiful woman. I crack up when I read comments on other blogs and such about her. Its OK to give someone props. She's a pretty girl with an incredible sense of her own style. I mean, I think Kanye def stepped her game up, but she had to have had some of that in her already. I say big ups to Amber for being a fashionista, and for keeping everybody on their toes. I wish her and her modeling career much success..and I hope she finds her pants (heehee)

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