Friday, September 10, 2010

Graham Knox Answers to CeeLo's Latest Single

Sooo... this is definitely not safe for work, or kids, but sooo great I still had to post it. Graham is an artist/songwriter/architect/supermodel, everything in life here in Atlanta. No.. she legit is all of those things lol. She's uber beautiful, uber smart, and obviously uber talented. Grahammy (As I affectionately call her) & some of our producer friends decided to make a a version of Cee Lo Greens very popular single, Fuck You (because I dont curse- that was really weird to type haha). 

Cee Lo's record, co-written by Bruno Mars is really funny, catchy, and very Cee Lo Greenish... but my girl Graham has come back with an answer for the ladies that embodies all of the same characteristics! Graham has a single, "Dollar" soon to be available on iTunes! Make sure you get it.. you'll love her! Also make sure you follow her on twitter @GrahamShackle for all the reasons given at the end of this video. Grahams voice is one of my faves... it makes me think of family around a fireplace in a cabin on a really cold/snowy day & a glass of wine. lol... enjoy!

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