Friday, September 24, 2010

Feature Fridays : JD Green, Diurnal Movements

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I follow some really cool people! Ive always known that. Im not sure when I started following JD or even why. What I noticed right off the bat was that she is a jazz musician of some sort. I remember thinking this because she was always tweeting great jazz musicians (when I say musicians that includes vocalists in my world lol). I being an avid lover of Jazz, having toured singing Jazz music noticed it immediately and one day decided to click a link she'd posted to some of her music.

What I heard best is described to the liking of honey, an epic 60s Motown record, and a hummingbird. I know youre thinking, "here KayKi goes again with these crazy comparisons" but really..this is how I often process music. Anywho, JD describes herself as an Indie Soul singer/songwriter who loves books, great Jazz & soul music (told ya!), & hilariously, a late bloomer! What I loved most about her album & work is that I can actually hear so many influences in her voice, yet..its so unique. After listening I ventured over to her Youtube account & practically went IN listening to her 5am rendition of  "Give Me Jesus" There were some perfect moments in that. Her latest project Diurnal Movements is available online, and she's gearing up to celebrate the album release on October 14th! Kudos to her for that.

Ive tried to keep my word in exposing you all to great music..that doesnt mean mainstream music, that means GREAT music! I honestly feel like JD has that..check her out BabyKayKs.. xoxo

<a href="">Make It New (Equinoxes) by JD Green</a>

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