Friday, September 24, 2010

Feature Fridays: Jade, Peaks & Vallys

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Atlanta has afforded me some incredible relationships! Some through business, others through pleasure, and a few are genius enough to be considered through both. When I met Jade or GlamJadeOcelyn (as I call her because I can be very extra at times) we were singing background for a few artists (including Kandi) in one of Victor Jackson's Glam Rock Soul shows. I remember thinking, wow.. she's so small! Then I heard that soprano voice and another wow came. It was wow... its sooo beautiful! I think I raved to Victor in our meeting for like 20 min about how I just was so in love with her voice.

Come to find out Jade(ocelyn) is so many things to love! She's not only a talented singer, but songwriter, dancer, and really just a gem of a person over all. Ive had the honor of sharing the stage, experiences, frustrations, laughs with her in a very short time, and I couldnt have asked for a better companion to do that with in those moments. Amongst the other bazillion things that Jade does, she's currently working on a book of poetry called, Peaks and Valleys. Jade describes her book as: "a poetic journey of love, heartbreak, and self reflection. It begs the reader to believe in love and as a result believe in themselves. I want to force people to be uncomfortable because they will have to identify with the images of love and heartbreak. Every poem will feel like a a very distinct moment along their own personal journey. It speaks to everyone who has been in love and has lacked self-love."  AKA its gonna be goooood! lol

Jade says that the book is in the review/editing process right now, but should be available by the top of next year. Trust.. Ive read a couple of them and umm.. yea, def some crazy insight & just lyrically they are beautiful! So make sure to follow Jade & be on the look out for the book!


  1. This little glimpse tugged on my heart strings. Can't wait to read it and take that journey with you. I'm working on loving myself so that I can love others more right now, so this is definitely what I need in my life right now :-)

  2. This is my sister! And anyone that meets this young lady knows that she has one of the most beautiful of spirits! This book is going to be a bestseller! Congrats sis! We are all EXTREMELY PROUD of you!