Friday, September 24, 2010

Feature Fridays Intro

For a while now Ive been trying to figure out the best way to feature some of my really cool friends/tweeties/BabyKayKs & I recently decided to just do it! So, every Friday I'll be featuring  1 or 2 people who Ive found interesting or have something interesting going on that I think is noteworthy. There is real way to get featured, todays selections are both somewhat from Twitter. One I randomly stumbled upon and the other won a little trivia question that I threw out the other day. So I may continue with that as a part of the selection process. Again, thats not the only way, if you have something that you think should be featured on this site, is always the best route to contact me! Well.. I hope this is as fun as it seems its going to be. Im excited to get to know lots of you and your talents a little better through this!

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