Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Does Drake Really Love Nicki Minaj? I Say Yes!


So, Nicki is covering the latest issue of Complex Magazine. I love that she's toned down & is without the silly hair and such for the spread, but she's still Nicki. She hilariously shuts down questions about Diddy "I dont care to discuss Diddy any further." Talks about every woman being a character, and most interestingly admits that Drake really did mean what he said in his verse on Miss Me, and as if that wasnt enough... guess what else she says he admitted to writing for her?? Alicia Keys' hit "Unthinkable!" would you believe I ACTUALLY thought that at one point?? Probably not huh? lol Well I really honestly did think just that. Wow.. I scare myself sometimes. I think theyd be caayute together. Pick up the latest issue of Complex for more on Nicki, her celibacy, and what she thinks about her haters.

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  1. Wow I NEVER seen this side of her. She looks so beautiful and really is a beautiful person. I definitely have to read the complete article. I also totally agree with you her and Drake would be CUTE together.

    Jasmin- @LovinMe_Jazie