Monday, September 6, 2010

Do You Know Who This Is? Look Closely!


Youre probably like.. wow, she looks familiar... but you cant quiiite put your finger on it?? Well.. she looks familiar because you absolutely know her last name, and her features. She is the baby sister of-Id say one pf the most popular set of twins in show business. This ladies & gents is Elizabeth Olsen. Yes as if the empire of Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen  is not enough, their parents have another star on their hands. Elizabeth is an actress who has starred in a couple movies including the soon to be released, "Martha Marcy May Marlene" an independent film. Its sort of hard to break out of the shadow of 1 HUGE older sibling, but consider she has a set of mogul twins to come up behind! Anywho, we know the extent of how talented the Olsen family is & Im sure Elizabeth is no different :) We will be seeing more of her!

BTW her uberly private older sisters have recently started an affordable clothing line mimicking their extremely interesting and unique senses of style. The line, Olsenboye is in JC Penny now.

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