Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Kardashians By Bebe= 1 Word, FAB!

Click to Get the Bebe Mari Leather Lace Up Bootie... HAWT!

The lovely Kardashian sisters have been featured on here before & I believe everytime has been due to their insane fashion senses. These ladies know how to put a look together & it always comes off incredibly natural on them. Well, they are back with their new line, Kardashians by Bebe & can we say FAB!? I mean, not that I expected anything less, but Im in love with what I see.  The line is fresh, sexy, and fun! I had a hard time picking what to actually post on here!

I went with these booties, arent they hawt?! Not just fly but uber easy to wear meaning you can rock them in so many different ways. These shoes are just a very small piece of a really good collection overall. From blazers, to shorts, & form fitting dresses, everything is just really cute. I guess the great part about being a branding dynasty is everything looks very Kardashian(y?) lol. No really, you can see the girls rocking all of these pieces, which is great because really, who doesnt want to be fabulously dressed like those ladies? Def click the photo above and visit the site BabyKayKs.. the clothes are so hawt & Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe Im sure would appreciate the love!

PS.. feel free to shop for me while youre there as well haha!