Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bishop Long Sued Over Alleged Sexual Coercion

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2 men filed suit against Bishop Eddie Long of New Birth today in DeKalb county. One man, 21 claims that Bishop Long coerced him into many sexual acts though Long's defense absolutely denies these allegations. The man goes into detail about their sexual encounters.

While many of you will be quick to jump to some conclusion either way.. I say pray, and wait. I know personally how someone's lie can rip a whole family to its core, only for the allegations to be recanted. After the recant, the lives of many are still affected by that lie. I also know that these allegations as much as I pray they arent true, have found their place in many churches around this country. I pray that this will be handled in honesty and that the church will pray with me & not become bitter and angry over the allegations. Ive said it many times before.. just pray!

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  1. YOU ARE RIGHT !! SMH. These people out here are crazy .. but we can do is pray.