Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bishop Long Accuser Speaks Out & The NonChristian Church

There has in fact been many accusations made here recently about Bishop Eddie Long, and for the past few days, we've seen faces & names. Now, one of the accusers Jamal Parris was tagged down by Fox News and decided after a while to speak. According to Fox a lot more was said than what they aired last night & tonight they will be airing the rest of Jamal's message.

Either way this is a sad incident. How is the church prepared to handle either outcome? My dad said something so profound to me the other day. His point was that, the Christian church, as Christ like as we claim to be, we've made it impossible for people to speak on their flaws and therefore find help & deliverance from the very things that are un "Christ" like. For example: If New Birth members & the faith community as a whole came out and said, "Regardless of whether he did this or not, he is our Bishop, we are praying for him, and will be here praying and encouraging him & the accusers. We will encourage him to either seek counsel or fight the allegations. Either way, we love him & will forgive him AS we preach.." instead of "Our Bishop did NOT do this" would it not be easier for everyone everyone to be honest in this?

This is a learning experience for the church. For all of us. Im not saying Bishop has done anything, I dont know that to be fact. What I DO know is that we SAY we are to forgive, to uplift each other, to seek Christ for direction, but we often fail to do all of those things as the body. The homophobic aura plagues our churches to the point where this is an even bigger issue because of the homosexual undertones instead of being an issue simply because he is a married man. Its like, is the church as put off by the fact that most of your bands hardly sit in and listen to the Word on Sundays, or that they are probably all married and sleeping with many different women as they are the idea of a Bishop sleeping with other men? Are those actions not equally sinful in nature? Does that stop members from jamming to their grooves on Sundays? Nope. So.. our flesh must be taken under subjection here. Sin=What Goes against God's Word. Sin does not= What goes against God's AND is not ok with me.

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