Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ive Fallen in LOVE With My Hair Again

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Im sure most of you know by now that I have natural hair..Im always on twitter talking about Cloud 9 (my hair) and how: Im either tired of it, I dont feel like washing it, or how much I love it. I, like many women with natural hair, have a love/hate relationship with it. I love it in its thick, unstraightened essence. How soft it is, the subtle curl. Oh but I hate the frizz and the nappy. The blow drying and the straightening. I cut my hair into a low fade my freshman year in high school (imagine that). I was actually in 8th grade though when I for some strange reason realized that I didnt want another perm in my hair. So its been a looong time coming for me.

Needless to say, since then Ive tried EVERYTHING. Thank God in recent years Ive found a hairdresser who knows hair and can silk my hair to perfection (and it STAYS) when I want it straight (Stephen Webster Atelier Salon). But who doesnt want to be able to wash their own hair? I also would like to wear my hair natural from time to time without looking crazy. Those have been my issues. I mean, I couldnt even WASH my hair without a hassle! So annoying right? Well not. anymore.

A couple of months I went to wash my hair for the first time since moving into my new home. I went into the bathroom to pull out one of the many bottles of shampoo and conditioner Id purchased ( with the high hopes of them helping in some way) only to realize Id thrown them all out in my recent move. Oh, but I HAD to wash my hair THAT day. It was one of those moments where you're like.. ugh I need to do it! So I decided to use the shampoo and conditioner in the bathroom that didnt belong to me. What could it hurt? It wasnt like my shampoo and conditioner did any good anyway.

I still remember reading the back of the bottles to see what was in them (like I know what those chemicals are! LOL). I remember feeling frustrated because I dont like to use different product lines at one time, I like the same shampoo & conditioner. The shampoo smelled good, but I didnt like the way it made my hair feel. So I rinsed it out in frustration. Then I stuck my hand in a little jar that said Love. Oddly the moment I placed the hand full of love into my hair.. I FELL! Instantly I felt the softness of my hair restored & these little definite curls. I ran my fingers through my hair amazed at the detangling that had occurred. WHAT was this stuff?!? I reached and grabbed the jar and reread everything on it! LOL. I then proceeded to wash my hair, still amazed at this product. I decided to straighten my hair out that day, but not before I stared and played with it in the mirror in awe of how beautiful it was-naturally.

The next time I washed my hair, I decided to wear it naturally. I made sure to section my hair off and comb through it with a big toothed comb with the conditioner in it. Ive even left the Love conditioner in my hair at times (prob best to just get their leave in conditioner for that) but worked! I couldnt get myself to straighten my hair out for weeks! I was so in love with how soft and strong this product made my hair feel, let alone the way it enhanced my natural but sometimes invisible curl pattern. I LOVED it! I started yapping to all of my friends about it. My bff asked me the other day.."how long have you had your hair out like that now??" Really, I just had no reason to straighten it out. It is the longest time Ive worn my natural out in years..literally. So, Im sure youre like "ok!? Where can we get this stuff?"..

I searched online and found the website. The product Love is made by a family owned company called Davines (Da-vee-ness) out of Italy. The Bollati family has developed a line of products for all hair types. Love is one family under the Essential Hair Care Line. It was added about 4 yrs. ago. When I called to speak with a representative before posting this, I asked him if there was anything he wanted me to add to my post that was important. He insisted that I let you all know that the product itself is not only good, but the company strives to make it environmentally friendly as much as possible. Everything is recycled. Even the container is approved by the FDA for reuse ( you can even store food in it!). Davines boasts a 0 environmental impact product line, as well as a partnership with Lifegate through which they purchase renewable energy  as well as offset carbon emissions by planting trees. Today they have planted roughly 10million sq ft. worth of trees. WOW! Makes me LOVE them even more :)

So, what Id like is for you all to click on the picture above and peruse the site. Read up on the company then click find a salon. They do not authorize sells over the Internet unfortunately which means you'll need to find a salon on their site and visit it to purchase the products. No different than you going out to get your products anyway, except (for me at least) these work. I have yet to have the full line of Love products, but if the conditioner alone is this great..I anticipate loving the rest of the line as well. If you decide to try the product, let me know how it works for you!

Giuseppe Zanotti Fall 2010 Collection Prt 3


My 6 yr. old Nephew Phelin Endorses iPhone 4G

Umm.. I really dont know what to say about this except..I love my nephew, somebody get this guy a show on disney & watch it. lol

New Music: Kanye West- Lost In the World

Lindsay Lohan In Rehab Again


Lindsay was checked into a southern California rehab facility yesterday..hopefully she actually stays and gets the treatment she so desperately needs. Lohan is supposed to stay there until her next court hearing October 22nd. I hope they extend her stay beyond that. Obviously at this point the girl needs help. She's stated it so clearly on twitter and its obvious by her actions. Lets hope they make her stay where help is available to her.

Bishop Long Accuser Speaks Out & The NonChristian Church

There has in fact been many accusations made here recently about Bishop Eddie Long, and for the past few days, we've seen faces & names. Now, one of the accusers Jamal Parris was tagged down by Fox News and decided after a while to speak. According to Fox a lot more was said than what they aired last night & tonight they will be airing the rest of Jamal's message.

Either way this is a sad incident. How is the church prepared to handle either outcome? My dad said something so profound to me the other day. His point was that, the Christian church, as Christ like as we claim to be, we've made it impossible for people to speak on their flaws and therefore find help & deliverance from the very things that are un "Christ" like. For example: If New Birth members & the faith community as a whole came out and said, "Regardless of whether he did this or not, he is our Bishop, we are praying for him, and will be here praying and encouraging him & the accusers. We will encourage him to either seek counsel or fight the allegations. Either way, we love him & will forgive him AS we preach.." instead of "Our Bishop did NOT do this" would it not be easier for everyone everyone to be honest in this?

This is a learning experience for the church. For all of us. Im not saying Bishop has done anything, I dont know that to be fact. What I DO know is that we SAY we are to forgive, to uplift each other, to seek Christ for direction, but we often fail to do all of those things as the body. The homophobic aura plagues our churches to the point where this is an even bigger issue because of the homosexual undertones instead of being an issue simply because he is a married man. Its like, is the church as put off by the fact that most of your bands hardly sit in and listen to the Word on Sundays, or that they are probably all married and sleeping with many different women as they are the idea of a Bishop sleeping with other men? Are those actions not equally sinful in nature? Does that stop members from jamming to their grooves on Sundays? Nope. So.. our flesh must be taken under subjection here. Sin=What Goes against God's Word. Sin does not= What goes against God's AND is not ok with me.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sarah Palin Booed On DWTS Last Night

So after Jennifer Grey's wonderful performance last night the last thing I was expecting to hear were boos from the crowd, but thats exactly what was heard while they were getting their numbers put out there. No one in that room could understand why the cheering crowd had suddenly switched to booing. That is until they switch back out to the ballroom & guess who Tom is talking to... lol... poor Bristol. P.s. doesnt Sarah Palin sound like the mom from Bobby's World?

BOOTS Anyone?: GIUSEPPE FALL 2010 Prt 2


Chris Brown Deuces Video

I LOVE the dancing in this video. Is that BREEZY?!? If, Im really impressed..he is really doing some serious stuff (to me) lol. Love it sir.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Music: Oren Lavie-"Her Morning Elegance"

Fall We Welcome You!:GIUSEPPE Zanotti FALL 2010 Collection prt 1

Lest I take yall beyond the veil too soon. Im going to feature ONLY Giuseppe's Fall collection this week starting with these Red & Leopard Wedge Booties. Ummm.. animal print is really in this fall. Anywho, this whole collection is stupid, no trust me. Make sure you come back this week. As my musical soulmate would say #JESUSBEAPRICETAGREDUCTION!

CNN Anchor Don Lemon Speaks of Molestation for The First Time On TV

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On Friday, CNNs Don Lemon covered the huge story of Bishop Eddie Long & his accusers. He had 3 seemingly very young and honestly seemingly not prepared people from New Birth to speak on their support for their Bishop. I know it wasnt a great representation of New Birth, but I applaud them for coming on in support of what they believe. Also featured on that show were other professionals, men of God who shared their views on the issue.

What struck me as the most powerful moment in the show was the revealing to the world by anchor Don Lemon that he was molested as a child. He admitted that this was the first time he'd said it on television. I commend him for this because it was such a courageous act. We never know who needed to be motivated & encouraged to get free of such a heavy secret. Major kudos to him!!

Southwest to Buy Airtrain for About 1.5 BIL!

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This definitely makes some people happy being that for years Ive heard complaints about Southwest not being in Atlanta. I actaully think its a good idea if it means Southwest locations and no baggage fees PLUS Airtran's low costs. We'll see. It seems like a really good look!

Happy Birthday Wayne Releases Digital Album

At midnight as I was getting into bed, my twitter timeline was all a buzz for Wayne's birthday today. Wayne who is known for celebrating his bday lavishly with small gifts like 1 Million bucks from Baby, will be celebrating in Rikers today. With a little over a month to go until he is returned home, Im sure the plight of spending his day in there only gives him more reason to not wanna be in that place.

Though it prob sucks to be in there, Wayne will still have a celebration if its up to his YM family. Starting with a digital bday card that YM's Shanell had everybody sign which I heard is pages and pages long, to the release of his album, "I Am Not A Human Being" a bit early. The album isnt in stores until October, but can be purchased today on iTunes.

Well we wish Wayne a great birthday today! I know he's getting loads of bday shout outs on twitter today.. but I know this one would mean the most! :) ..
reginae_carter1: ....And i want 2 say happy b-day 2 my daddy!ily

Friday, September 24, 2010

I OBSESS over Christian Louboutin!!!

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This man KNOWS how to make a shoe for a woman!! I just love his shoes.

New Music: Nicki Minaj, Right Thru Me

A couple of days ago, this Nicki Minaj record leaked. While its been removed from most of the internet... KayKi still has it :) Umm... I dont support bootlegging so, if Nicki's album peaks my interests, Ill get it when it drops. I dont own the rights to any of this song, just sharing it with my BabyKayKs.. you cant download it from here so dont try.. just listen! Oh & comment if youd like!

Teresa Lewis Put to Death In VA

Last night, the state of VA became the first state in 5 yrs. to execute a woman.  According to CNN, Lewis, a 41-year-old grandmother, pleaded guilty to participating in the plotted 2002 slayings of her husband and stepson in Danville, Virginia, near Richmond. Though she did not pull the trigger, she was sentenced to death, the two men that did pull the trigger were given life in prison without parole, one of them committed suicide while in prison. After many requests to stop this dreadful act, the powers that be denied her clemency & any attempt to keep her alive by friends, family, and supporters was met with a stern fist.

Now, I personally do not support the death penalty. I think its murder, and quite stupid at that. You are killing someone for killing someone? So who's going to kill you? Life is life. No one is more valuable than anyone else. If we are to punish people, then send them to jail but who are you to take on the role of God and end a life? I just think its disgusting. Furthermore, specifically in this case, Teresa's supporters were disturbed by the fact that she received the death penalty for helping to plot it but the trigger men received life without parole. Also to be considered is the fact that according to testing, Teresa's IQ is 72, only 2 points higher than the demarcation that may infer mental retardation. Her lawyers argued that though she admitted to plotting the murders and was labeled as the mastermind, that she was actually being used by the trigger men to get money.

Really..that info just paints a picture. I wouldnt care if she walked in and did it herself..that doesnt give anyone the right to take her life. Im so disturbed by the death penalty. Even in my mind, when considering the thought of someone doing the most horrific thing they could possibly do to me, or my family, I cant see myself agreeing with someone being murdered. I just cant. Below is the video post her lethal injection. My prayers are with her family and all involved. I wonder if the Gov Bob McDonnell even feels any kind of way about allowing someone to be murdered last night?

Feature Fridays Intro

For a while now Ive been trying to figure out the best way to feature some of my really cool friends/tweeties/BabyKayKs & I recently decided to just do it! So, every Friday I'll be featuring  1 or 2 people who Ive found interesting or have something interesting going on that I think is noteworthy. There is real way to get featured, todays selections are both somewhat from Twitter. One I randomly stumbled upon and the other won a little trivia question that I threw out the other day. So I may continue with that as a part of the selection process. Again, thats not the only way, if you have something that you think should be featured on this site, is always the best route to contact me! Well.. I hope this is as fun as it seems its going to be. Im excited to get to know lots of you and your talents a little better through this!

Feature Fridays: Jade, Peaks & Vallys

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Atlanta has afforded me some incredible relationships! Some through business, others through pleasure, and a few are genius enough to be considered through both. When I met Jade or GlamJadeOcelyn (as I call her because I can be very extra at times) we were singing background for a few artists (including Kandi) in one of Victor Jackson's Glam Rock Soul shows. I remember thinking, wow.. she's so small! Then I heard that soprano voice and another wow came. It was wow... its sooo beautiful! I think I raved to Victor in our meeting for like 20 min about how I just was so in love with her voice.

Come to find out Jade(ocelyn) is so many things to love! She's not only a talented singer, but songwriter, dancer, and really just a gem of a person over all. Ive had the honor of sharing the stage, experiences, frustrations, laughs with her in a very short time, and I couldnt have asked for a better companion to do that with in those moments. Amongst the other bazillion things that Jade does, she's currently working on a book of poetry called, Peaks and Valleys. Jade describes her book as: "a poetic journey of love, heartbreak, and self reflection. It begs the reader to believe in love and as a result believe in themselves. I want to force people to be uncomfortable because they will have to identify with the images of love and heartbreak. Every poem will feel like a a very distinct moment along their own personal journey. It speaks to everyone who has been in love and has lacked self-love."  AKA its gonna be goooood! lol

Jade says that the book is in the review/editing process right now, but should be available by the top of next year. Trust.. Ive read a couple of them and umm.. yea, def some crazy insight & just lyrically they are beautiful! So make sure to follow Jade & be on the look out for the book!

Feature Fridays : JD Green, Diurnal Movements

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I follow some really cool people! Ive always known that. Im not sure when I started following JD or even why. What I noticed right off the bat was that she is a jazz musician of some sort. I remember thinking this because she was always tweeting great jazz musicians (when I say musicians that includes vocalists in my world lol). I being an avid lover of Jazz, having toured singing Jazz music noticed it immediately and one day decided to click a link she'd posted to some of her music.

What I heard best is described to the liking of honey, an epic 60s Motown record, and a hummingbird. I know youre thinking, "here KayKi goes again with these crazy comparisons" but really..this is how I often process music. Anywho, JD describes herself as an Indie Soul singer/songwriter who loves books, great Jazz & soul music (told ya!), & hilariously, a late bloomer! What I loved most about her album & work is that I can actually hear so many influences in her voice, yet..its so unique. After listening I ventured over to her Youtube account & practically went IN listening to her 5am rendition of  "Give Me Jesus" There were some perfect moments in that. Her latest project Diurnal Movements is available online, and she's gearing up to celebrate the album release on October 14th! Kudos to her for that.

Ive tried to keep my word in exposing you all to great music..that doesnt mean mainstream music, that means GREAT music! I honestly feel like JD has that..check her out BabyKayKs.. xoxo

<a href="">Make It New (Equinoxes) by JD Green</a>

Thursday, September 23, 2010

These Shoes Are EVERYTHING!

I love these... I just love em. For $1100 you can have them. Click to see more, or get them!

Jay Z & Warren Buffett Interview! WoW

No shade to other rappers, but this is what I mean when I say.. they just arent on his level. He is the best because he's been relevant for so long and has been I believe one of the best laisons between hip hop & the rest of the world. This is huge. Im not saying yall favorite rappers arent dope, buuuuuuut I will say that if they are as relevant as long as he's been & can sit and discuss politics, and money FORREAL.. holler at me. lol.. till then, listen and learn.

New Music: Kelly Price "Tired"

Well this isnt THAT new... but Ive been listening to it for a few days & again, she sang the SECULAR off of this record!!!!! Come to Jesus "Tired"

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Music: Faith Evans Official "Gone Already" Video

I honestly think Faith has one of those voices that age so gracefully. Like, when she hits 50... its gonna be so rich! I mean, she's always had one of the most beautiful voices in the game AND hands down the best strictly hip/hop R&B album by  a female to this day!!! But her voice just sounds better and better with time. Something About Faith drops October 5th I believe! Im super amped! Enjoy the vid!

When Plastic Surgery Goes...right??

Photobucket the ever so beloved Ms. Rock & Roll herself, Courtney Love does not always come off as the most "pretty" woman we've ever seen. She's known for giving the grungy, maybe I took a bath today..maybe I didnt, smeared make up look (above). Well, thats not always how she looks.

She can definitely clean up. She was snapped on the red carpet this past weekend looking, very clean and quite pretty (below). Might I add... over the years her face has changed a lot. While searching for decent pictures it was obvious just how many faces she's actually had. With that being said, I think whatever she's done she looks great. A little skinny, but great. The only thing is she doesnt look like Courtney Love.. cant win for losing something right? Well just thought Id share.. doesnt even look like her huh?? WoW

OMGerber!! Christina & Baby Violet Out & About

Ok..why is she SO CUTE?! I mean, she's like a cute little girl version of her daddy! That little button nose & those eyes.. she's just adorable..and as we know she stays fly as well! haha! I love it. She & mommy Christina Milian were out grabbing some Subway & the paps snapped a few pictures. Thats gotta be annoying (as the look on Christina's face clearly says), but these have to put a smile on your face! Babies are so precious!
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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bishop Long Sued Over Alleged Sexual Coercion

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2 men filed suit against Bishop Eddie Long of New Birth today in DeKalb county. One man, 21 claims that Bishop Long coerced him into many sexual acts though Long's defense absolutely denies these allegations. The man goes into detail about their sexual encounters.

While many of you will be quick to jump to some conclusion either way.. I say pray, and wait. I know personally how someone's lie can rip a whole family to its core, only for the allegations to be recanted. After the recant, the lives of many are still affected by that lie. I also know that these allegations as much as I pray they arent true, have found their place in many churches around this country. I pray that this will be handled in honesty and that the church will pray with me & not become bitter and angry over the allegations. Ive said it many times before.. just pray!

Does Drake Really Love Nicki Minaj? I Say Yes!


So, Nicki is covering the latest issue of Complex Magazine. I love that she's toned down & is without the silly hair and such for the spread, but she's still Nicki. She hilariously shuts down questions about Diddy "I dont care to discuss Diddy any further." Talks about every woman being a character, and most interestingly admits that Drake really did mean what he said in his verse on Miss Me, and as if that wasnt enough... guess what else she says he admitted to writing for her?? Alicia Keys' hit "Unthinkable!" would you believe I ACTUALLY thought that at one point?? Probably not huh? lol Well I really honestly did think just that. Wow.. I scare myself sometimes. I think theyd be caayute together. Pick up the latest issue of Complex for more on Nicki, her celibacy, and what she thinks about her haters.

Mike Vick Wins First Starting Game In 4 Years!!

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Sunday was a great night in football. I mean, it was great! So many good games! So, did you all see the Eagles game? Well if you didnt you missed Mike Vick have an incredible run. You may know him as the beloved Falcons QB who found himself in a huge bout with the law regarding illegal dog fighting a few years ago. After serving his time, losing millions of dollars, and a media frenzy, he was welcomed to the Eagles as a quarterback.  This game against the Detroit Lions was Eagles' coach Andy Reid's chance to showcase the star QB who was also looking for a moment to show off what he feels is his best athletic skill/body ever.

Boy did he show off! He ran & threw for yards proving that he is in an incredible athlete. He played an error free game completing 62% of his passes many of which for some pretty spectacular plays. As if that is not enough, following his triumph Sunday, he in a recent interview stood behind the Eagles' QB Kevin Kolb who was out with a concussion Sunday causing Vick to fill in. He explained that the Eagles are not his team, and reminded everyone who the QB is, and that he was only standing in. He addressed his faith in Kolb being able to lead the team to victory.

If you have lived in Atlanta for any amount of time in the past few years, you know how important Vick's success is to this city and he is not even here anymore! We still wear his jersey to Falcons games and still root for him! We all felt a sense of pride when he played such a stellar game Sunday. Im really really proud of him. Go Vick!

Oh & P.S. GO PATRIOTS! I dont care.. thats my team! lol

New Music :Brandy & James Fauntleroy

R.I.L. 23 yrs. Old Broncos WR Kenny McKinley


Denver Broncos Wide Receiver Kenny McKinley was found with one gun shot wound that appeared self inflicted. While the cause of death has not yet been officially announced, the investigation appears to be pointing towards a suicide. The Broncos are grieving the loss of a yet another promising athlete & teammate. Praying for his family, friends, team, and fans. R.I.Love.

Bruno Mars Arrested for Cocaine Posession


According to TMZ... chart topper Bruno Mars was arrested Sunday in Las Vegas. Apparently Bruno had 2.6 grams of cocaine on him. Sad. Come on young hollywood...

Tyrese Is Talkin Right!

So somewhere in the meat of this video is Singer/Songwriter/Actor Tyrese giving what he feels is the best advice possible to his friend. He tells Lala basically that if she is to be someone's wife..she needs to hang around married women. This caused such an uproar on twitter the other night, I was so confused because I agree with him 110%.

I (like Tyrese) am not saying that she should jip all of her single way.. the point is, its best to find people who can identify with where you are in life. If you are married, why surround yourself with all single women? Great point Ty. Now while I agree with Ty, I do not agree with the way some people on twitter were addressing their support of his opinion. Tionna Smalls, prob most known from What Chilli Wants thought it ok to say that Lala hangs with a lot of hoes, well, I think thats out right disrespectful and immature. I agree that she should hang out with other married women to be able to relate, but I dont feel like attacking her current group of friends is wise.

Great advice from Tyrese. Not just about marriage, but life period. Surround yourself with people who are going where youre going.. just makes sense right?

Monday, September 20, 2010

When I Need A Boost..

Youve prob seen these before, but your nieces and nephews never get old. Here is my niece Madyson's famous "Encourage Yourself" videos :) I hope they make your Monday as they make mine. This will be the only post for today.. tomorrow will be an overload! lol Love you all!


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Follow Kim

So, saw this pic about Kim & her mom out in Paris having a good time. First thing I do is FREAK OUT over those shoes and of course I go on a mad shoe hunt! Didnt take me long to find them.. these are haaaaawawt! Say it with me BabyKayKs... GLORAY!

Studded Lipspikes Leopard Pony ankle boot, Christian Louboutin ($1,995).

Lala Speaks About Her New Show! Premieres Tonight!

Lala's Full Court Wedding Premieres tonight on VH1 at 1030pm EST. Im not very interested in the wedding itself, but I do think that Lala comes off as just such a sweet hearted person, and you all know me, I'll support antything good! lol! Check out Lala talking for a sec at her preview party about the show, bffs Kim Kardashian & Kelly Rowland, and Ludacris.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Tweets of Failed Drug Test


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Not too sure that this is a surprise, but what Im wondering is who should we really blame this time? I mean, people are going in on Lindsay and Im well aware of the igorance concerning addiction that is plaguing our society, but really who is to blame? Was Lindsay (an addict)not locked up earlier this year? Was Lindsay(an addict) not released early to go to rehab? & was Lindsay(an addict) not released from rehab early????????

Im not excusing Lindsay's fault in this, but I will say that the judges, lawyers, family members who have enabled her to skip treatment and the help that she needs to fight this are just as guilty. Can they be locked up too?? Please pray for her.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Reggie Bush Forfeits Heisman Honor

The Heisman trophy is the most coveted honor among top collegiate American football players. Its easily one of the most important awards given in American sports overall. So, why is Reggie Bush giving his back? Well, most think it is an attempt to give it back, before it is taken away.

There has been speculation that while at U.S.C. Bush & his family accepted monies from various agents making him ineligible for the honor. Bush agreed that he'd made mistakes, but contributes them to lack of knowledge. In "moving forward" as he tweeted, Bush is setting up a high school program that will help to educate athletes and their parents so that they dont make the same mistakes he made.

Im not sure I believe that he didnt know he couldnt accept the contributions, but I dont feel as though he wouldve ever wanted this honor taken away from him. I feel pretty bad for the guy, but I wish him the best in the future. Im sure this wont be the highlight of his career..the Saints wont let that happen.. #WHODAT

While We're On Our JoJo Kick- SINGERS GET IN HERE!

Wow. No Words. This blog is not about to turn into, but I want yall to understand how sleep Ive been!! LOL! Im awake.. I wish you all would join me by pressing play. It only took a couple of JoJo fans to read that I was sleep and they sent me these links just to show me how long Ive been sleeping on her! Umm.. my bad?! lol Please comment below! Thanks!  This is hilarious & the cutest thing ever.. but it helps to explain what we've been in awe about for the past week..

When  you start like this..

Then go to this..

This is inevitable..

Lawd Hammersay,What The World! Who Am I?

Mel cant catch a media break.. not even in disguise. I mean, really.. was the mustache necessary? I just cant Mr. Gibson.

Its Almost Time!


I love.. LOVE the fall & winter! Cute sweaters, boots, and yes jackets/coats! Absolutely love this Burberry Prorsom Cadet Wool Felt Coat.. pretty fly for 3Gs! Yea Umm.. and let me introduce ASOS' Belted Midi Military Jacket for those of us not really willing/able to spend 3 stacks on a coat ahora! Its darn near the same right!? Yep! & for about 170 bucks! Love it!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just In Case You Missed It: Kanye 2010 VMAs Performance

I was out celebrating life with some folks as the VMAs were airing so even though I could see them, I couldnt hear anything. A couple of the performaces were getting rave reviews, one being Kanye's.  A few of the performaces were getting mixed responses, like Taylor Swift's. I actually watched Taylors after the twitter bashing and Im not sure why people were hating on her performance. She's never been the strongest of  singers live, but I think the song was a great record.

As it seems, the media in an effort to help Taylor who was originally the victim, went SO hard on Kanye, that he is now the victim. People are now blaming Taylor for Kanye's hurt just as much as they blamed Kanye for hers. Its insane. Taylor was actually singing about forgiving Kanye, and how he is not the monster people were trying to make him, but some kind of way.. very few on twitter (at least in my timeline) wanted to hear her. I actually liked the song a lot. I thought it was thoughtful and whether you dont like Taylor's voice or not, you have to admit she can write a catchy tune. I tried to find a vid of Taylor's performance, but most were restricted, but if you have a moment and you didnt see it you should.

Again, Kanye's performance has been one of the highlights..if you missed his self explanatory performance.. peep it above.

Kardashians By Bebe= 1 Word, FAB!

Click to Get the Bebe Mari Leather Lace Up Bootie... HAWT!

The lovely Kardashian sisters have been featured on here before & I believe everytime has been due to their insane fashion senses. These ladies know how to put a look together & it always comes off incredibly natural on them. Well, they are back with their new line, Kardashians by Bebe & can we say FAB!? I mean, not that I expected anything less, but Im in love with what I see.  The line is fresh, sexy, and fun! I had a hard time picking what to actually post on here!

I went with these booties, arent they hawt?! Not just fly but uber easy to wear meaning you can rock them in so many different ways. These shoes are just a very small piece of a really good collection overall. From blazers, to shorts, & form fitting dresses, everything is just really cute. I guess the great part about being a branding dynasty is everything looks very Kardashian(y?) lol. No really, you can see the girls rocking all of these pieces, which is great because really, who doesnt want to be fabulously dressed like those ladies? Def click the photo above and visit the site BabyKayKs.. the clothes are so hawt & Kourtney, Kim, and Khloe Im sure would appreciate the love!

PS.. feel free to shop for me while youre there as well haha!

Jay & Eminem Rock Yankee Stadim

Click the Pic for Full Write Up from!

Wow.. the reviews I have read of this concert are epic. I mean, it honestly feels like one of those things you have to be at to blog about. From Eminem bringing G-Unit & DR DRE!!! out.. to Jay Z bringing the heavy hitters, Ye, his wifey Bey, and Chris Martin, oh yea Swizz Beatz too.. Jay was on a roll last night. Its my understanding that he did hit after hit & was feeling himself in the process. One of my fave write ups so far is by Shaheem Reid on check it out, it will def make you jealous that you werent there! lol

These comments are funny.. but I concur lol

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Always Remember


See First Lady Obama's remarks & tribute to passengers of Flight 93 below. First Lady Bush also gave great remarks.

New Music: Kanye West "Good Friday"

So we know your boy Yeezy has been releasing a new record every Friday... staying true to his G.O.O.D. Music Fridays! This one features my almost boo in my head Common, lol a slew..literally of other music heads! I may not "like" all of these records.. but Im happy because they feel like the old Kanye. Thats what I miss the most! Do you dig this one?

New Music: Diggy Simmons- Airborne FINALLY!

Click to get the mixtape!
Right in the heart of my MTV Challenge laid the opportunity for me to chat it up with Diggy Simmons. The 2nd to youngest son of Rev. Run & his wife Justine -Diggy recently made his love & sheer talent for hip hop public with the release of a few freestyles & a mixtape, "First Flight". All of which were well respected among both his fans & his peers alike. Speaking to Diggy was just as refreshing & interesting as Id imagined it would be. He was articulate, and seemed very comfortable in the interview. One of the main focal points of my interview along with fashion was of course music. Having blogged his "Flow Stoopid" record months before, I was highly, HIGHLY anticipating the release of his next mixtape Airborne, which was set to be released at the end of July.

After a few date changes and his fans' (who have started following me post the interview :) ) continual support & patience.. he has finally released the much anticipated mixtape & trust me, it was worth the wait. Diggy again, delivers! Im listening to it right now, and really its great. The mixtape features everybody from Chris Brown to Raekwon!  I mean, the intro is incredible alone..

..the greats of my past have, "Walked This Way" left "Blueprints", and theyve "Lost themselves", Relapsed", & "Recovered"..
LOVE! Get the mixtape BabyKayKs! You'll enjoy it! Diggy is so freeeessh! Love this guy! This music is GOOD! What I mean is its positive, uplifting, inspiring, and enlightening.. its Diggy- the dude really can flow!!

                                                      Click the tracklist to follow Diggy!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Payless at NY Fashion Week?!


Yall always fussing at me about my KayKi's Closet choices being too much! So when I saw this I was like.. ooh this will make my BabyKayKs happy! lol! Well is Payless actually featured in fashion week this year? Almost... designer Christian Siriano had his models walk the runway with his shoe line that is selling at Payless right now. I mean obviously different materials, different cut, but still pretty much the same shoe. I think its great when high end designers understand that people with not so much money deserve to be fly too & what better way to sell your shoe line at Payless than to have them walk the runway at NY Fashion Week 2010? dooppe. Click the pics to visit these looks on


Graham Knox Answers to CeeLo's Latest Single

Sooo... this is definitely not safe for work, or kids, but sooo great I still had to post it. Graham is an artist/songwriter/architect/supermodel, everything in life here in Atlanta. No.. she legit is all of those things lol. She's uber beautiful, uber smart, and obviously uber talented. Grahammy (As I affectionately call her) & some of our producer friends decided to make a a version of Cee Lo Greens very popular single, Fuck You (because I dont curse- that was really weird to type haha). 

Cee Lo's record, co-written by Bruno Mars is really funny, catchy, and very Cee Lo Greenish... but my girl Graham has come back with an answer for the ladies that embodies all of the same characteristics! Graham has a single, "Dollar" soon to be available on iTunes! Make sure you get it.. you'll love her! Also make sure you follow her on twitter @GrahamShackle for all the reasons given at the end of this video. Grahams voice is one of my faves... it makes me think of family around a fireplace in a cabin on a really cold/snowy day & a glass of wine. lol... enjoy!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

So Official- Jay Z Signs Willow Smith

She's so articulate at 9! She sorta sounds like Jada too :) Im glad that she sounds like a 9 yr old though! I have great expectations of her because she seems to come from a very well rounded home& that makes a huge difference! So, Willow, Jada, and Jay Z appeared on Ryan Seacrest's show & Jay announced that she is in fact signed to Roc Nation. #POW! lol Good for her. Again, I think at this point we should just turn the entire entertainment world over to Will, Jada & their offspring! Sorry that the audio was cut short.. all you really are missing is the record.. which I posted like 2 days ago.. so scroll down a little. Trust it goes IN!

Optical Illusion: GIVENCHY! Thanks Christina!

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Cant We Always Count On Christina Milian to come with her A Game?? The other day she twitpic'd these bad mama jamas & I was instantly stuck with the question... WHAT?! & WHO!? So I tweeted Christina who we know knows & who replies to tweets all of the time, asking her what brand of shoes they were. Well, its just my luck that she hasnt signed back on since I tweeted & asked.

I hate going on shoe hunts. Thats like my confession to my BabyKayKs.. like I hate it! Can you imagine searching google with adjectives hoping that youre describing the shoe enough to find the name of it!? Ugh.. very annoying, but I do it for you! LOL.. I do it for my own sanity as well. Somethings (like this one) are just tooo brilliant to not know. What Im saying is I found the shoe- Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci Optical Print Bandage Wedge aka BADNESS! I love these.. hope you will too.. took me forever to find them! Now what do you say BabyKayks?  lol muah! & Thanks again Christina!

Click to visit

New Music: Rihanna "Only Girl"

One thing I appreciate about Rihanna is she's never been afraid to step into a lil techno/dance music. She did it with Shut Up & Drive, and she's back again with Only Girl (In The World). Im not feeling it to the point of listening to it over and over, but I did dig it. Are yall feeling it?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Throwback: Janis Joplin

I believe the Bee Gees originally recorded this record. Janis is definitely a legendary singer. She is just all heart & soul. Its incredible to watch/hear her because simultaneously, you feel her.  Its obvious that she had some issues, and its sad that she was taken away so early. I have always felt that her voice-though very harsh at times is one that wouldve aged with grace. RILove to her. Feel this..

Why Arent We Talking About Pakistan: Angelina Jolie Reports

Its such a sad fact that this isnt all over every news channel and that we arent working on some sort of relief effort as we did Haiti. I pose the question again, is one life worth more than another? I dont understand how anybody can sit around and not do anything about whats happening to children and families, and just people period. This is a disaster. A universal tragedy. I figure all I can do is tell you all how you can help & keep you aware of whats going on in the world around you. Hope all of my BabyKayKs do their parts.

New Music: Willow Smith - Whip My Hair clearly the Smith family (Will & Jada's crew) are just uber talented for no reason at all. I kept hearing oh.. Willow has a song out & I kept saying oh Im gonna check it out. I. Was. Not. Ready! This is actually a bangin track & she actually sounds great! Im loving it! Check her out! Not only is she stupid fly, but from the sounds of things... she's going to have a bright future ahead of her. #LOVEIT

I Found The Song From Ipad's New Commercial!!!

Everytime the new Ipad commercial comes on I stop in my tracks & just listen... I love it. Found out today its a record by Chilly Gonzales called 'Never Stop'. I so dig this song!!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


THE BUGG! lolol

JoJo Is In Fact A Problem


One of my faves check it out while you read- smh she killed this:

I told you guys, Id let you know whats up with Jojo as I know. Well she just dropped a new mixtape. Ummm... well, we knew she could sing, but the growth is immense! This chic is giving so many people a run for their money. A lot of these records on this mixtape remind me of Brandy which yall know is a HUGE compliment from me. I mean, the production is dope, tracks, arrangements, but please dont disregard the actual vocal ability of this chic! OMGoogle. This mixtape is where its at.I hear there are a few female vocal artists about to put out a mixtape.. umm.. step your games up because she's just set the bar high!

Everything from My Time Is Money to Just a Dream is sheer talent. Im actually listening to it again right now and can barely finish this blog for my random outburst of "You BETTA SANG girl!" LOL! Jojo is a problem because she's sneaking up on the game in her own uber dope way. I mean, like great she's the lil white girl who can sing... props for that..but thats not what Im saying. Im saying black or white or green or yellow.. IT DOESNT MATTER...the gift is incredible. I know she's been grinding for a while and sometimes this industry sucks! Remember all of yall trying to get into it that its a MESS, but I pray that JoJo keeps doing her.. keeps grinding until the world recognizes this AMAZING gift that is her voice. She's beautiful, she's actually really talented (Ive heard her live & yea.. she goes in) lol, and really has no limits on where her career will go from here.

We loved her as a teen/preteen, but this mixtape gives us a look at JoJo as a woman. Vocally, and materialistically, we hear the growth that comes with a lil struggle and growing up a bit. So, enjoy the mixtape, I definitely am! Love it! #KayKiApproved! Click here to follow Jojo on twitter!

Just for Laughs: Office Space Michael Bolton Rap Scene

Maybe Im the only person on Earth who'd never seen this movie... but I watched it yesterday for the first time & ummm.... I died. It really is a very funny movie. Here was one of my fave scenes. Keep the volume down if youre  at work or with kids.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Rubi Pazmino: More Than OchoCinco's Ultimate Catch

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Did you watch Chad Ochocinco's Ultimate Catch on VH1? Well I got sucked into it a few weeks ago. From the door I noticed that out of all of the ladies there, this chic from my second home (Chi) was just cool. She seemed level headed, passionate, beautiful, and genuine. So from that point on I found myself rooting for Rubi! I wasnt alone, she was Chad's #1 pick. It was obvious that they had chemistry from the beginning and all of the girls in the house knew it as well. What I liked about Rubi was that she was mature and respectful to all of the girls. Even in the second to last show when she and the very annoying Tara exchanged words, she handled it with grace. So, needless to say, when Chad picked her and not Ms. B (who I thought was cool too) I agreed with his choice.

Anywho... on some episode I remember the girls in the house talking about how Rubi was always singing and thinks she's this pop star singer. I meant then to look up some of her music to check her out. Now that the season is over and she won, I was reminded to do so. Im glad I did. From a singer's perspective.. and a lover of music period... Rubi actually can sing. She has a beautiful voice & beautiful music. Rubi came off very sincere on the show & that comes through on her music as well. Click the link below to check some of her music out! Kudos to the homie for winning Ultimate Catch & blessings to her & her career as an artist! Youve got it girlie! Dont quit! will try to keep up with this career thats sure to blossom!

What Do I Do by Rubi Pazmino

Wait! Are 3000 AAAAAAANNNNNND LBoogie Coming Back????

New Music 3000!!!!!
"Nothings More Attractive Than a Heavy Prayin Woman..." LOVE it!

Lauryn performed at Rock the Bells this year as so blogged aaannnnddd sat down for a rare interview with Fuse!

Sweeeeet Baby Jesus PLEASE can we get just 1 more 3000 & Lauryn Hill album. That would make my life!

Chemistry: My Top 7 Couples


So I over heard a conversation in Walgreens yesterday that was quite eye opening. Two girls chat about the recent split/sex tape drama of Spencer Pratt & Heidi Montag, and one ends in saying, "As much as I didnt like them together..they had soo much chemistry." Pwahaha! Ma'am...what couple were you looking at? There was no chemistry between them.. not even on their wedding day. To say the least for a very long time I thought it was all staged. Now maybe this young lady has Speidi mixed up with some other couple by accident or maybe she just doesnt know what chemistry is. Well Im here to help her!! Haha..

Now Speidi did look good together cosmetically speaking, I agree with that, but thats where it stops for me. Coincidentally, this years Emmy's was full of couples.  It was great to see them all looking gorgeous & in love at the same time. They had chemistry. Chemistry is that unspoken thing. The thing you feel when you see a couples' pictures. The thing no one can deny. Just because two people are smiling at each other or look like theyre having fun..doesnt mean that they have chemistry. So after leaving Walmart I thought about the convo & decided to take my chance at blogging the top celeb couples that I think actually DO have chemistry...just for fun. With the Emmy's having just passed there are a few couples from the red carpet that I felt HAD to be on the list. Then you have the couples past & present, that everybody knows have incredible chemistry... so here we go.. my top I dunno 7 celeb couples with the most chemistry starts

7. Tony Parker & Eva Parker- everytime I see these two..its the same thing... sooo cute!

6. Britney Spears & Justin Timberlake- come on you all remember them.. it seemed like perfection right?!

5. Boris  Kodjoe & Nicole Ari Parker Kodjoe- self explanatory.. they are always a beauty to see

4. Jay & Bee!- It just works.. it does.. period.

3. President Barack & First Lady Michelle Obama- wow! If this isnt a lovely couple I dont know what is. They compliment each other so well!

2. Will & Jada Smith- love to see these two together  & Im sure you do too! Their whole family is just too adorable & talented right??

& is this even a question for regular BabyKayKs.. ummm..I said I wouldnt say much else about these two- but really, how am I gonna have a blog about chemistry & not mention..

1. Usher & Chilli!- Really... this is the original Jay & Bee.. Ashton & Demi. I mean before cougars were popular.. Chilli had the hottest hottie in the game. You know someone commented on a previous blog saying that these two will never ever be back together, and as foreign as that sounds to me (and many of you) that may be the case. I wish them well with whomever they end up with. 1 thing is for sure.. people will never ever stop talking about Usher & Chilli because it was the epitome of chemistry.

Well those are my pics. Not necessarily in that order... but almost so. Did I miss anyone??