Friday, August 6, 2010

Wyclef Announces Run for President of Haiti


Who didnt see it coming? Raise your hand! Well mine def isnt raised. Its been clear to me for years that Wyclef's dedication to his beloved Haiti would reach the point of him taking some office. World famous producer, singer, songwriter, rapper, etc.. Wyclef Jean has officially announced that he is running for President of Haiti.

Most people know Wyclef is from Haiti, but probably just recently following the earthquake disaster were introduced to his passion for his country. According to Wyclef he's not running for President, he feels as though he's been drafted by the people of Haiti. For good reason I believe. It was obvious from the moment the quakes hit just how dedicated to them he & his wife are. The people of Haiti have watched him campaign for them on an international level not just in disaster, but for years prior to that.

Some are questioning whether Wyclef has the experience or understanding to go from producer to politician. Then of course you have the rumors of financial issues and IRS problems looming. There is a lot that could potentially be "iffy" about this campaign, but Id urge people to consider the man's heart. He's well respected & lives rather comfortably here, he'd be asking for a big life change for himself & his family to do this for any other reason other than feeling it best for his home. Im not really worried about the experience part, heck half of the people we elect dont know what theyre doing, thats why they have such a huge staff. Ultimately Haiti needs someone who can negotiate assistance from other countries in developing and appreciating all Haiti has to offer. I wish Wyclef & his family the best in this campaign..many prayers goin up.

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