Monday, August 23, 2010

Who Would Want to See Such a Thing Anyway??

Heidi & Spencer In their prime

Unfortunately another marriage has ended in divorce, fortunately its Heidi & Spencer Pratt. Even more unfortunate is that Spencer's issues were not worked out prior to and are carrying over into their post  marriage life. We all know the story, MTV starlet Heidi Montag the beautiful, fun loving, everyday girl marries the well disliked, arrogant, psychopath Spencer Pratt while her family (and his) & friends sit back in protest and fear. Along with the marriage came numerous plastic surgery operations for Heidi causing some to question even her sanity at one point. Heidi's surgeon  the late Dr. Frank Ryan (who passed away in a recent car accident) was criticized for doing a record 10 procedures on Heidi in one surgery, which many of his colleagues advise against. Though many felt Heidi and Spencer were not good for each other, the two were adament about making it work at least in the eye of the public up until recent months when divorce rumors were confirmed.

Following a huge sigh of relief (from me if no one else) came the rumors that Spencer has a few sex tapes that he is threatening or wanting to put out of his ex wife. Now, Im not the sex tape watching type.. but even if I were, there is nothing NOTHING appealing about this man or even them as a couple. Yuck! What person is going to watch this video..and again as Ive asked myself for years now, what type of person is Spencer? He sincerely needs help. Really. He scares me and oddly, I dont think his persona is a show for the public... anywho, I hope this tape doesnt make its rounds though Im sure it will.. when will people learn?

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