Sunday, August 1, 2010

TIP & Tiny Married!

Mr. & Mrs. TIP :)

Everybody is tweeting/talking about 2 weddings right now, Swizz & Alicia  and TIP & Tiny. Love is definitely in the air this weekend. The Who's who of Atlanta is partying it up in MIA this weekend to celebrate the union of a couple lots of people have grown to love. Tiny & Tip's relationship probably became most popular recently with Tiny's hit show Tiny & Toya on BET. With the show people got to see just how much TIP showered Tiny with random gifts and made her feel appreciated. Most importantly, it was obvious that the two have something very special. The wedding has been said to have been absolutely beautiful topped off with a fireworks show that had guests tweeting non stop. I love Tiny & Tip together & I wish them many more years of happiness and growth as a family! Shout out to Ryan Cameron for the twitpic :) 

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