Saturday, August 21, 2010

Standards & Honor Raised: US News & World Report Rank Top 20 HBCUs

Yet ANOTHER report.. and guess who is STILL #1..

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Since childhood I wanted to be a Speelllman Woman. As a matter of a fact (against ALL advice) I ONLY applied to Spelman. I love my alma mater. I have had many conversations about what the top HBCU is.. and I engage because its fun, but ultimately there are many, MANY reports that we can pull up & simply see. As brilliant as Spelman is, we just cant seem to get some people to stop hating lol- which is ok :). Now people can say what they want about Spelman women (most of it is NOT true) but what I wont do is argue the fact that out of all of the HBCU's Spelman continues to be #1 in every reputable report.  Personally I love other HBCUs as well, I just wish people would stop hating and start appreciating the fact that such an institution exists for us.  So, love your alma mater with all of your heart, but please when you get ready to speak about it being THE BEST... check the rankings. :)

I salute all of the beautiful women that help to keep the legacy alive. You all are history.

To see where your alma mater ranked in US News & World Report's Top 20 Click here

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