Monday, August 30, 2010

Paul Walker Wouldnt Mind Being What Chilli Wants

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Chilli is gearing up to premiere her second season of What Chilli Wants on VH1... but some are reporting that she is actually already dating. After her appearance at the Takers premiere here in Atlanta, rumors started that Chilli was dating producer Will Packer. Unfortunately for that rumor there is twitter. Chilli immediately took to her twitter page to denounce the rumor. She claims Packer is a dear friend of hers and that his date was there with him. Just goes to show you how the media can put anything out there and most people will run with it. Now.. let KayKi give you the real possible match made while Chilli was at the premiere.. ready...

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What I will say though is along with Packer, Chilli was photo'd with Taker's actor Paul Walker, and I must say that wouldnt be a bad look for her. They looked really cute in the pic and both obviously have interest. Chilli tweeted about how she thinks they'd make a cute couple.. and from the looks of this interview of Paul on the red carpet.. he's not opposed either See what Paul had to say about Chilli below!


  1. Beautiful is again actor Paul Walker and Chilli ???

    1. Awww man, Now they would have been a GORGEOUS couple! You KNOW that Paul really wanted to make it HAPPEN, too, lol! RIP, Paul.