Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Ok, Guess I'll Speak On Fantasia's Suicide Attempt Now


Fantasia is probably most popular for winning American Idol. Well, most recently the songstress has found herself in the news for other reasons. It has been all over the gossip blogs for almost a year now that Fantasia was in a relationship with a married man, Antwaun Cook. These allegations were only furthered as pictures of the two appeared online along with a tattoo of his name on Fantasia.

Along with this relationship, something else has become more known in the past year or so.. the law that allows a spouse to sue the lovers of their husbands/wives. Some of you BabyKayKs may remember me blogging about that a while back ( Pay To Creep ) ! It was very interesting to me. I believe without reading that I mentioned that though I think it makes sense, its so important that women especially stop blaming the other woman solely & focus on the people who made vows to them! Well, I didnt think the law would rear its ugly head so soon  & in such a crazy way.

Paula Cook, Antwaun's wife is suing Fantasia and also reporting that there is a sex tape out there of her husband & Fantasia. So according to a statement released yesterday by a rep, Fantasia overdosed Monday night on Aspirin & sleeping pills. Now, there are lots of jokes circulating twitter about Fantasia and all of this. I always say though moments like these are sad and heart wrenching they also allow you to see who all of the idiots are around you. Suicide is no joking matter. As much as we want to point the finger at Fantasia for being with a married man, that in no way allows us to joke about her taking her life. YOU ARE AN IDIOT if you think it does and Id rather you read another blog. Life presents us with moments that SEEM unbearable. Burdens that FEEL like they may just break us in half. She obviously has reached one of those moments. Regardless of what she's done.. be careful because you arent made of stone either, and even stone is destructable.

The rep said that Fantasia is ok so no worries, but let me say this. Ladies especially, I always say this, you HAVE to think. I dont care how good something feels. Your feelings & emotions are potent little suckers, yet soo fleeting. Dont fall into a moment of satisfaction that may bring you years of heartache. Its NOT worth it as much as your "heart" is allowing you to think it is. God didnt make your heart for thinking.. He made your brain for that..use it. My prayers are with Fantasia & her family. She's been through sooo much, she's a strong chic. Also Im praying for the Cook family. I hope they all work this out some way.


  1. We can always count on KayKi to BRING IT!! Praying for Fantasia and all parties involved...

  2. WOW just heard of all this on the radio but, thanks KayKi for more info.......cuz keishea