Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Nicki Minaj Announces Album Title on UStream

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Nicki used to do these Ustreams more regularly before her career took off to the galaxies lol. Yesterday as she'd promised, she got on ustream once reaching a million followers on Twitter. She did her regular shout outs/ thanked everyone for her recent BET awards & VMA nominations/ made her usual phone calls to her fans/ annnnnd announced the title of her highly anticipated freshman album, "Pink Friday". One thing that most people probably overlook about Nicki is that amongst all of her over the top (ness?) She encourages her fans to stay in school/go to school.... etc. Thats to be commended. Nicki is definitely a character, so check this video out.

Youre so special in a..weird way..

Video clips at Ustream

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